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We’re in the middle of what I call “the lull”…the time between Thanksgiving being over and the Christmas season getting a hold of me.  Usually it’s only a day or two.  This year, I’m not in the holiday spirit yet.  I haven’t bought any gifts yet.  Usually I’m all done by now.  I’m more absorbed by the getting there (we’ll all be going up to Seattle for the holiday) and getting everyone situated and happy.  I tend to fret over not causing too much work or trouble for others and not letting any of the “kids” make waves for anyone.  I want people to be happy and to have the time go by so smoothly that we all say “let’s do it again soon” when it’s all over.

The only problem with this lull is that if I don’t get moving and get into the spirit, I run the risk of becoming depressed and I don’t want to go there.  That won’t be fun for anyone.  So I wait.  I’ve tried putting on some Christmas carols and plugging in the Christmas Santa lights in the window and letting my grandson plug in the tiny twinkling lights in the dining room (although he likes to have them on all the time, not just Christmas, I don’t usually let him do it too often).  So far no luck.  I guess I’ll give myself a couple of days to focus on the holidays and then get a move on!

Hopefully the lull will be over in just a few more posts.

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Limbo Day

I think this picture sums up the way I feel right now.

This is sort of the end of my trip but I’m not home yet. This photo was taken from the balcony of our hotel room in Santa Monica. It was a beautiful day with a clear view of the ocean when we arrived and in almost no time at all, this is what it looked like. This is the “limbo” part of our trip. Not gone; not home. Sort of in a “no woman’s land” for another day.

I’m not quite ready to write about the trip but I do want to write.

I don’t know yet about my friend, Dean. There has been no update. As of Thursday night, he had not yet been found and there was no word today.


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