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I wear contact lenses. Even with them I am half blind. Without them, I can’t see to walk without holding on to the wall, quite literally.

The night before last, one of my contacts fell out for no apparent reason. Sometimes they fall out because they dry out or because I rub my eye or something but this time, I don’t know why it fell out. I cleaned it and tried to put it back it. I couldn’t get it in and my eye became irritated from trying so I put the contact away and figured I would try in the morning. At least with one in I can sort of function.

On Saturday, I got up early to take my car in for an oil change. I tried putting my contact in again. It wouldn’t go in. Without that contact in, I can’t see well enough to drive so I didn’t take the car in. Instead, I waited several hours before trying again, unsuccessfully.

It is now Sunday afternoon and I still can’t get the thing back in! I’ve always had trouble getting them in and out. I’ve worn contacts since I was 20 years old. I’m 52. You’d think I would be able to do it by now. But no! Now my next course of action, should I not be able to get it back in by the morning, is to take the other one out and use my +3.50 readers. At least with those, I can see well enough to drive safely. Then when I need to read or write, I will put another pair of readers over those. For now, I am reduced to making the text size super big on my computer and to closing my contact-less eye as I try to read. Looks pretty funny to see me typing and trying to read with one eye closed.

When I win the lottery, I am getting lazik surgery for my eyes.

Yeah, right.

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