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Letters From Santa

When my kids were growing up, I (Santa) always left them a letter. It would praise them for the good things and also mention one or two things they needed to work on during the year. It was left next to the plate of cookies and cup of milk the kids would leave Santa and always mentioned the cookies.

The kids could never figure out how Santa knew about things that happened even hours before they went to bed on Christmas Eve. They were always fascinated by the letters.

One year, long after they stopped believing in Santa, when my son was out of college, I was talking to a niece about how she could leave Santa letters for her kids like I used to. My son asked why Santa’s writing wasn’t anything like mine. So I had to divulge my secret and I’m sharing it here with you just in case you have a Santa letter to write. The secret: I wrote my letters backwards…starting where I normally ended the letter and working backwards (ex: start the a at the tail end and work back, right to left). The letters come out looking very different from your normal handwriting. It was fun to see the light bulb moment when my son figured it out!



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