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(This is a post I wrote in Christmas but I couldn’t figure out how to publish it in the new WP interface.)

It´s almost not but still is Christmas. So I think I will start out my 65th year with a blog post.

Today was a good day. There were silent tears when I was alone but the rest of the times, it was good. I am glad that I am close enough to see my family and that they are part of my bubble of safety during these times.

Tears? Well, I will write about that the next time. Suffice to say that I am really missing me mom.

Aside from the material things, I got many hugs and smiles and kisses from Maya, the three year old granddaughter. And it was very good to be around the grandsons, although I missed Matí whom I haven seen for a whole year, since last Christmas. I don´t know when it will be safe to see him again — safe for me and for them. My daughter-in-law is expecting baby number two (and my grandson number four) and we all have to keep her and baby safe. We are not letting anything interfere with that.

One thing I am thinking today is that I am optimistic that some of my health challenges will be made better in the coming year and I change all doctors and health care providers to Medicare. The ones I have had so far are actually very bad, with the exception of the one doctor I am going to keep! So if that all works well, then I will be looking forward to better health, mentally and physically. I´m really ready to get back to some semblance of a normal life, one where I can walk more than twenty feet without pain. Cross your fingers for me.

And this is my first post on a new Chromebook that Daughter Number 1 surprised me with today! It´s ready to type a lot of post for this blog!

I hope there were good things for you on Christmas and that there will be many more good things for you in the coming year!

Until I type again…

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