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We live in very troubled times. Troubled in a lot of ways but I am thinking about politically troubled. We seem to have more than the usual number of flawed leaders. We are left with no where to turn.

I have been turning to TV. To streaming, really. What do I stream? I have chosen The West Wing. It’s seven seasons. I’ve turned to it several times. I watch the entire series from pilot to Tomorrow (the title of the last episode of season seven). This is a show that shows how leaders should be; how they should comport themselves. Yes, they are flawed at times but they genuinely want to do the right thing for the people that elected them, for the country in general.

This year, I’ve felt that unsettled feeling of desperation with regard to our political leaders so much that I am currently on my ninth time watching this series from start to finish. It gives me hope that some day, hopefully sooner than later, we’ll have the right kind of leadership. We’ll have sincere, concerned, devoted, and honest leadership. One can only hope.


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