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Kids pick up our speech patterns, words, and phrases quite quickly. You may remember that I have mentioned my three year old grandson, Spencer, who is speech delayed. So hold that thought.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the high dessert because my daughter’s boyfriend had an all day job up there and it’s a long drive, just under four hours in each direction, so it was a “stay over” trip and my daughter wanted me to go to help her with the boys while her boyfriend was at work. Anderson is six and is getting into a stage where he insists on getting his way. It doesn’t work but he keeps trying it. So he wanted some kind of treat and we all said no. We offered a less sugary treat but he said no and again voiced his desire for the sugary treat and when mom and dad said no, he turned to me. I said no, too but this time I added a phrase that I used with my kids all the time, “sorry Charlie.” And as he pouted, Spencer piped up with a big smile on his face and said, “saw we cha we” and we all laughed because it sounded so cute. So now, every time I say it, he smiles wide and says, “saw we cha we.”

It cracks us all up and he gets a big laugh out of making us laugh.

So, this rambunctious three year old had a very active day on Thursday. In less than an hour’s time, he did all of this: brought in a sand pail full of dirt from the planter on their deck and dumped it in the kitchen. My daughter had a fit and sent him out while she swept and ran the vacuum. I was in the next room. When the vacuum went off, I heard her say, “You little monster!” I went in to see what was up and Spencer had come back into the kitchen while she had her back turned vacuuming and had dumped a bucket full of dirt into their cooler, food cooler, which was still out from the trip a few days prior. So he got sent out again while she cleaned up. When she finished cleaning up, she casually looked out the window and I heard her say “What’s the hose doing in my car?!” We both ran out to see Spencer shutting the door to her car with the hose inside of it…with water running out of the car! He was sent inside while my daughter tried to get the water out and dry the seat. Finally, she gave up on drying the seat but managed to get the floor and the inside of the door dried. She came inside to change her now soaked clothes. She was in the bathroom when, all of the sudden, all the lights went out. I turned to see Spencer shutting the door to the circuit box. I went over and my daughter came out and we tried to figure out which ones he had shut off. Spencer came over and showed us…he had pulled the main switch. She fixed it. But was exhausted. I took the boys into the other room so she could breathe for a second. I sat Spencer on my lap and talked to him softly but firmly. I explained that he had made a lot of extra work for his mommy and she was already tired and not feeling well. I asked him if he was sorry and he nodded. So I asked him to go over to his mommy and tell her he was sorry. He walked over to her with a big smile on his face and said:

“Saw we cha we!”


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