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This morning, as I was wondering what I could share for Trent’s Weekly Smile blog hop, I thought I would have to wait a day or two until something good happened to smile about. It has been that kind of week.

I was over at my daughter’s house, watching the boys (they were asleep, they’re sick again), Frida jumped up and started rubbing against me. THAT made me smile! Some of you might remember that I got a new cat, Frida, last August. In November I realized that the reason I never seemed to be free of congestion and sneezing was because of Frida’s long coat of hair! I wanted to find a home for her so I kept her until I could find a place for her. Then last week, when I was in Seattle, my daughter came to my house to check on the kitty and Frida would not let her walk away from her. She would follow her and bump her head against her and “talk” to her. So my daughter got the cat carrier and took her home with her. Now she lives there with the other cats at my daughter’s house. She has fit right in and I am no longer congested or sneezing constantly. So when she came up and cuddled with me, it made me smile. I hadn’t seen her since I left to Seattle two weeks ago and I thought she might either be mad at me or have forgotten me. But no! She isn’t and hasn’t!



What has made you smile this week? Why not tell us about it? Check out the #WeeklySmile and join us!

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If we were having coffee today, it would be a challenge to find a place not effected by smoke!  My house isn’t very comfy when you can’t have the windows open or sit out in the front porch, at least not in the summer time.  Because of all the smoke from the wildfires across the Columbia River and over the Cascades just east of me, the air is filled with smoke that you can see and certainly smell.  It’s a little, tiny bit,  better today and is supposed to be gone by tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the new kitty is getting acclimated nicely and has bonded enough with me so that she wants to be on my lap constantly and wakes me every morning (at 5 am no less) as she jumps on me and starts kneading her paws on me.   Not fun but at least she isn’t hiding behind the toilet anymore.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I took both Anderson and Spencer hiking on Thursday afternoon. We have been wanting to check out Scouters Mountain, which is less than 10 minutes away from us, but hadn’t done it until this week.  It was a great outing.  We didn’t end up hiking more than maybe 3/4 mile in each direction because the boys found friends as we were getting out of the car and they ended up playing with them at the picnic shelter for about 40 minutes before we began our hike. They didn’t actually know the boys, they just make friends easily.  By the time we began our hike, Spencer was starting to get tired as it was nearing time for his nap but he loves walking and being outdoors with me and with his big brother. Spencer spotted a woodpecker that successfully hid from my camera. They found frogs!  They left love rocks behind.  However, I ended up having to carry him because he got freaked out by the sound of sirens in the distance and wouldn’t walk anymore.  That’s when we turned around!  He’s too heavy to carry (he’s about 34 pounds!).  We had planned on taking a picnic lunch and going back yesterday but we had to cancel because of the bad air quality.  Hopefully we can try again tomorrow.  Their mom will be off work so maybe we can all go.

If we were having coffee, I would mention that I have my next post-surgery follow up on Tuesday.  I don’t expect more than a quick visit but they did call with my portion of pre-pay and it’s about $40 more than usual so they may be doing something more than a quick once over.  We’ll see.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m not reading much these days.  I haven’t found a book that grabs me and begs me to read it until I’m finished!  And having the kitty on my lap nudging my hand so I can pet her is not conducive to holding my Kindle in my hand to read!

That’s about all here this week.  What about you?  I know a couple of you have been on trips recently.  Any trip posts yet? Any boook recommendations?  I did finally watch the first episode of Dr. Who yesterday.  I’ll watch a few more, at least. Other shows to recommend?  Tell me!  Tell me!


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