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Finally we got to see kangaroos in Kuranda.  Not only did we get to see them but we got to feed them and touch them and be chased by them.  They are very docile and petting them feels a little like petting a German Shepherd. Tony has the pictures of me feeding them because he took them with his camera so if I get those from him, I can post them some time in the future.

3 Kangas!

These three kangaroos were off by themselves, kind of like they were too good to be with the rest of the gang.  The one in the upper part of the photo is the biggest one of the entire group.  There were probably about 60 of them running all over the place.

This is the same group as above, from a different angle.

Tony petting one of the kangas.

This particular roo did not want us to stop petting or feeding him.  When we stopped, he would go after us.  He seemed to be quite interested in our camera bags!

Kanga and wallaby with Tony.

With his right hand he is feeding a wallaby (about half the size of the kangas) and with his left hand he is feeding the same kangaroo from above who insisted on being fed when Tony started feeding the wallaby!

Standing kanga

Same kanga!  He posed for me.  I tell you, he sure was an attention grabber!

Lots of lounging kangaroos.

This is the group of kangas that we spent most of our time with.  The little one standing near the middle of the photograph is a wallaby.  When Tony was feeding them, the wallaby got a little agressive and bit Tony.  Tony called out “Ouch!  He bit me!”  and the kangaroo we had been feeding that you saw in the pictures, ran over and slapped the wallaby with his paw and chased him away.  Then he stayed to be petted and fed!  Tony’s protector is the one in the uppermost left hand of this picture above.

Red kangaroo

Above is a red kangaroo.  They are not as friendly as the other kangas.  They were in a separate area and while they could roam freely, they pretty much stayed together in an area that was less accessible to the park attendees.  This was above appeared to be shy but did stop long enough for me to take a picture.


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