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A while back, I read Dale’s blog about 50 Happy Things. It’s a blog hop thingy hosted by Tales From the Motherland. The idea is to take just fifteen minutes and quickly jot down fifty things that make you happy. I really wanted to do it and I started a list but I lost it when the boys came to stay for awhile and ended up watching TV on my bed. That’s where the list was, in long hand. Oops!  Then I started a list in my Memo app on my smartphone but the phone rang and I exited the app so I could pick up the phone because I’m strange that way. Well, when I went back to the list, it wasn’t there. I forgot to click on SAVE before exiting! Oops!

So here I am, two weeks after they were supposed to be posted and at the end of the first month of the year and no list of fifty things! So I decided to give it a try after I read Ra’s list. Only I’m realistic. It’s after ten at night. I’m exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open and my mind is zapped. So I am going to give it a try but I will be happy if I can get to eighteen happy things because it goes with the year 2018! So I’m crossing my fingers (not really or I can’t write/type) and jumping in.

  1. Spencer who keeps me company most days these days.
  2. Anderson who says he wants to live with me forever.
  3. Maya who is turning one in a week and loves me so much she practically jumps on top of me when I go over there!
  4. Mati, even though I rarely get to see him. He makes me smile every time I go into the living room because I have a photo frame with lots of his pictures and it comes to life with motion and his pictures start streaming (it’s a cloud based photo album).
  5. Tony because he is the perfect son. No explanation needed.
  6. Tina because she is a thoughtful daughter, sometimes only to others but more and more so to my needs.
  7. Susie because she makes me smile and gives me hope! She is the daughter I had for me and names for me.
  8. My house. Even though it is always messier than messy, it’s mine and I can come here and just be. Even if that is by myself.
  9. TV because it fills the silence when I need it to.
  10. Technology because it makes our lives richer, mostly.
  11. Streaming capabilities because I can watch a lot of things without having to buy them!
  12. The West Wing because, well because it’s the perfect show. Then. Now. Tomorrow.
  13. Heaters. Because it was awfully cold in here when the heat went out. I ended up buying room heaters and now I can have any room as cozy as I need to.
  14. My Samsung Galaxy s7 because it is constantly with me and I do everything on it. Everything. Hhm. Maybe I should give it a name.
  15. Lularoe clothing because after gaining 100 pounds, it is the only thing that fits!
  16. Coffee because it keeps me going when I have to keep going.
  17. Chocolate. Well because…CHOCOLATE!
  18. My car because it gets me places when I have to go, even when I don’t want to but have to.

Okay, I got to 18. I owe another 32!



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