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Once again, a post at Red Ravine led to this post.  Thanks, RR!

Reflecting back on 2009, what really sticks out at me is FAMILY and togetherness.  Throughout the year it was family that mattered, demanded, inspired, and supported.  This is true most years but in 2009, it seemed to be popping up almost on a daily basis.  Too often to ignore, not that I wanted to ignore it.

Whether it was just my three kids needing something–like Tina needed support and company during her pregnancy; or Susie needed help finding an apartment to live in when she moved to college; or Tony needed to talk on the phone to me as a distraction on his drive home from work–or my family at large needing each other when my brother died–or me needing to be around my family at that same time–we were all there for one another.  We learned that although we are not always physically together, we can be together in spirit and mind.

I reconnected with long lost family and met nieces and nephews I hadn’t had the privilege of meeting previously.  I saw reflected back in their appearance, my own siblings and my own kids.  And the mannerisms!  Even cousins that had never met share the same mannerisms!  Voices sound very similar, too!

My trip to Australia with my son underscored the fact that they do want me around.  I’m not a nuisance (not most of the time anyway) to them!  They still want to be around me and they still value my advice and my help.  That was the special gift I received from that trip: the fact that my son wanted me to come on that most special adventure with him!

I think we’ve all been there for each other this past year.  Even during Christmas when it was so difficult to get everyone together.  I managed to get all three of my kids and myself in the same state, same town, same house!  It wasn’t easy, or cheap but it was managed and we are all the richer for it.  I don’t know how next year will go.  We may find that it just won’t work out next year but at least we have managed it for one more year!

Intention is another thing, yet it doesn’t have to be.  I think for me, this year my intention will be to remain available to support my family and be there when they need me and not be afraid to ask them for support when I need it.  That’s difficult for me.  I don’t ask for help.  But I think that this past year taught me that I can ask for it and that’s okay!  When my brother died, I didn’t even have to ask my kids to make the trip.  They all came from their own corners of the world, taking time off from work and making the trip to be there with and for me.  What a blessing that was!  I won’t forget it.

There’s a new baby coming in early March (or thereabouts) and I know that right now, my intention is to be there for him and for his mom.  Not just when needed, but to enjoy them and share first experiences with them.  And of course, I intend to be there for the others, too, as well as anyone in my family that might need me or want me around.

I also intend to follow up on those reconnections and not let them sever.

And on a lighter note, I also intend to get myself another keyboard because this one has just about bitten it.  It has taken me about 45 minutes to type this because of my failing wireless keyboard!

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