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Indy 500

Memorial Day weekend and the Indy 500 have always been intertwined for me. I remember as a child, waking up every year to the sound of race cars racing through the living room full blast. My dad would get up early and tune in to the Indy 500 and then turn the volume way up so everyone in the house would wake up. In fact, I think everyone on the block woke up! The sound was so loud that the house shook with the race cars booming through the living room.

That’s how our day started every year. For the Fourth of July, he’d wake us up in an equally rude manner but I’ll save that for my post in July! Other weekends my dad would wake us with a loud, shrill whistle and thunderous hand clapping. It wasn’t fun at the time but looking back, it could have been worse even though at the time we moaned and groaned about it.

So what am I doing this year? I’m actually watching the Indy 500.  It’s good to see some of the old names like Andretti, and Foyt.

Old habits die hard.

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