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I had gotten in the practice of posting about an indie author here on this blog on the first Monday of the month. I did three then in May, because of my surgery, I dropped the ball on it and didn’t have that feature. Today I have to admit that I don’t have one for you this month, either. I did try to contact a couple of indie authors through their blog “contact me” option but haven’t heard back from either. I have a list of about six names besides them so today I am sending out emails to those people to see if I can start this back up for July.

In the meantime, let me tell you about one blogger who has published a novel which I loved so much that I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for her next novel. She is Rebecca Bradley and has written Shallow Waters, a detective novel which features Hannah Robbins as the chief detective in this case. Rebecca is a former detective in Nottinghamshire where she lives. Her experience and knowledge of the police investigative in Nottinghamshire give her writing an informed and genuine feel. When I read Shallow Waters I was captured by the time I had read the first paragraph and read every page closely and quickly so I could find out if they caught the criminal or not. It is by far one of the most engaging police procedural/detective novels I have read in a long time.

I invite you to check out Rebecca’s blog and Shallow Waters. You will find Rebecca to be quite approachable and engaged with her blog followers. She is a delight to know, even if only in the blogosphere! By the way, she is currently involved in BritCrime Online Festival coming up in July in which followers will be able to interact with a number of British Crime writers. It sounds like fun!

And if you care to check out the posts I wrote introducing you to indie writers, you can find them here:
Larry Brill
Joanne Huspek
Zoe Ambler

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Please help me welcome Joanne Huspek, author of two published novels, and a personal friend. I hope you enjoy this post and that you share it with your friends, followers, fellow tweeters, etc.


Joanne Huspek

Joanne Huspek

Joanne Huspek is an author who lives in the frozen tundra called Michigan, where she helps her husband run a business while attempting to keep warm.

During the summer months, she can be seen puttering around the garden, trying to save her tender veggies from marauding squirrels.

Joanne self-published Virtually Yours as an eBook in 2012 and Finding Cadence as both eBook and physical copy in 2014.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do for fun?
There’s not much time for fun around my house! Besides writing, which I do for fun and escape, I like making wire wrap jewelry. I’m especially interested in using fiber and basket weaving techniques in my designs, which is difficult because wire can get very brittle. I like rocks and stones, too. Otherwise, my other “fun” is inventive cooking, eating well, and enjoying fine wine.

Q: What do you like most about the genre you write in?
I do not stick to one “formula” genre. I write about women and their problems. I’ve written serious literary (Finding Cadence) as well as romance mixed with mystery (Virtually Yours) and have tried my hand at YA a couple of times. I love writing from a woman’s point of view. I lovingly call my work “mom-lit” – chick lit for those of us who used to be chicks. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Q: Where is your favorite place to write?
I have a favorite comfy chair in my bedroom, and if that seat is taken by my cat, there’s another downstairs in the family room. I find it intimidating to write in public spaces like in cafes or libraries. To write fiction, I need absolute silence and a minimum of distractions – hard to do in my life, but I manage to carve out some quiet time.

Q: What’s your next project?
I’m editing the sequel to Virtually Yours, called Virtually Yours Forever. I hope to release it by the end of this year, fingers crossed. I’m working with a developmental editor and he wants to weave in a parallel story line having to do with the Internet (again!), so this is no small undertaking. After that, I need to edit a YA I completed years ago, and finish the accompanying romance (same story, told in the mother’s point of view).

The Books:
Finding Cadence
The Reeds (Cadence and Carter) seem to have it all: an enduring marriage, wealth and social standing, a thriving business, and talented pianist son attending a West Coast conservatory. But an accident on an icy Michigan highway leaves Cadence Reed an unexpected widow. After the funeral, Cadie learns her loss is not limited to Carter’s passing. Layer after layer of secrets are revealed, exposing Carter as a philandering sociopath who has left his family in a precarious financial state. Her heart broken, her world in shambles, Cadie and her son embark on a journey, across the country and into Cadie’s past. Cadence must look deep inside herself to find the will and a means to survive.

FINDING CADENCE explores deception and depression, the intricate and tentative bond of relationships, and one woman’s determination to overcome pride and adversity to find the strength to carry on.

Finding Cadence

Finding Cadence

E-book contains questions for discussion.

VIRTUALLY YOURS is the offbeat and humorous journey of the on-and-offline relationships of six women who met and maintained a lasting friendship on the Internet. The Virtual Moms embrace a newbie – with a secret – and the dynamic is changed, adding an unexpected twist to the lives of the friends.

Virtually Yours
Thanks to the prodding of sassy Manhattanite Janna Abraham, the Virtual Moms allow North Carolina stay-at-home parent and romance novelist Asheley MacDaniel, entree into their club. A recent Iraq War widow and alone with an adorable young son, Ashe proves a sympathetic figure. Although some of the members initially balk, Ashe fits in easily — perhaps too easily — sharing valuable insights on the personal dramas of Missy and Laurel, while gaining strong rapport with Ally and Skye.

Skeptical Celia is not as easily swayed as her friends. Who is this Asheley MacDaniel, and why are the VMs in virtual love with this newbie? Why is Ashe so secretive, and why won’t she email photos of herself and her five-year-old? And who was the stranger who answered the phone when Celia called?

Ashe has a secret, all right, one that the girls do not learn until after the friendships strengthen. Just as Ashe lands a book deal, Celia has enlisted the services of a private investigator and the truth now lies in an envelope in her hands. But before the truth can be told, Ashe decides to make the long drive from North Carolina to New York City to bear all to Janna in person, even as the revelation could cost dearly.
E-Book Includes Questions for Discussion

Coming soon! Stay tuned…Virtually Yours Forever,
It’s a Virtual Moms wedding!

After four years of cyber and long-distance dating, Janna and Ashe are finally taking the Big Step – making their relationship legal. They’ve invited the women in their private online group, the Virtual Moms, to the grand festivities in New York. However, Real Life mama drama threatens to upset the proceedings.

Matronly Ally believes her husband is going off the rails – with the friendly, sex kitten neighbor next door. Can she leave with danger a driveway away? Frazzled Laurel is still single-handedly supporting her family and wondering how to fund her son’s college education, when she is offered an off-beat position she’s not sure she can accept. Ex-beauty queen Missy finds herself stretched thin between two needy teenagers, an established career and a glamorous ‘dream’ job – complete with fast-talking hunk. Super-confident, ultra-organized Celia has taken the reins as matron of honor for Janna, completely ignoring the potential groom who is knocking at her own door. Lost in the preparations, Skye is curiously silent and withdrawn.

Janna quickly heads down the path toward Bridezilla status as she obsesses over the vision of a perfect ceremony. There’s also that slinky designer gown she chose. She’ll need to lose five pounds in order to be wedged into it. Ashe spends most of his time in Bonnie Doone on the pretext of getting the old home ready for sale; instead of packing, he recalls bittersweet memories about his beautiful first wife who died in Iraq.

Added to the chaos is the sudden appearance of Master Perturbation, the new bitchy blog sensation that’s taking the Internet by storm. The posts mirror the lives of the real life Virtual Moms. Could one of the VMs have penned the hurtful blog?

As the clock ticks closer to the nuptials, the group threatens to fall apart. With a record-breaking Nor’easter dumping two and a half feet of snow up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and with Janna and Ashe fussing, will they – and the rest of the VMs – make it to the ceremony?

Where to find Joanne Huspek
Joanne Huspek’s blog

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A couple of months ago I met a blogger named Zoe Ambler. She has a new book out that she has published on her own. Independent writers have a tough job. They must do their own marketing and publicity and unless you have a huge online presence and following, that’s a pretty tough job! It occured to me that I could help a tiny bit by introducing her to my readers here on this blog. It is my hope that YOU will share a link to this blog post with your friends and readers, as well as on Twitter if you have a Twitter account. Each one of us can help. I hope you will help Zoe by reading about her and pointing others here to read about her.


Author Zoe Ambler

Author Zoe Ambler

Zoe Ambler is from Enterprise, Alabama. She’s 44 years old and broke through into writing by way of role-play gaming, which she still loves to this day.
A “military brat”, she has traveled the world, but always finds her way back home.

Her hobbies include sketching, playing violin (badly, according to Zoe), collecting oddities and office supplies. Zoe is often found spoiling her fat cat, obsessing over coffee and the coming zombie apocalypse.

Zoe is the author of Road Of Darkness, a horror novel published in December of 2014. Her next project is a follow up to Road Of Darkness which she hopes to have available this summer.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do for fun?

I’m a Southerner, so I guess for fun I do the stereotypical ‘redneck’ things. I’ve gone hunting and fishing. I like driving my big truck. But, I also play the violin, badly, but hey, I try. I am an avid gamer though. I absolutely love text based RPG style games and strategy games.

Q: What do you like most about the genre you write in?

I love the different spins you can put on things. The horror genre allows you to take these classic monsters and put your own ideas into them, breaking them from the norm. It also allows you to go through the ages, through history, learning little facts you may not have known along the way.

Q: Where is your favorite place to write?

My home office and my local Coffee Shop. My home office is set up just right, and, well, I’m at home. I don’t have to put pants on. The coffee shop is a favorite place because it keeps me from some of those bad habits like sneaking on to my games and whatnot, allowing me to focus. (The Wi-Fi is slow…not acceptable for gaming. :[ )

Q: What’s your next project?

I’m working on the follow up book to The Road of Darkness. It is pretty much completed, though I found myself with two endings. I’m torn on which one to use. And after that, I am releasing a series of romance/erotica books.

The Road Of Darkness
A brief Summary
The Road of Darkness is the story of Addison. She’s a young Southern Belle in early 1700 Louisiana with a love for Voodoo. She’s a child of privilege, but never really let it go to her head. She was always a little odd.

Our little Southern Belle is attacked and turned. A vampire. However, unlike most, she embraces this new ‘life’. She finds delight in it. A darkness grows within her.

Like any young vampire left to fend for themselves, she stumbles in her new existence. She meets others here and there, and the world of the paranormal opens up to her.

Due in part to her thrill of bloodlust, she becomes fascinated with war. Soon she is moving from country to country, war to war. Mans evolution and technology in the art of warfare intrigues her.

Through her time and adventures, she has fleeting bits of both happiness and sorrow. The darkness within her will only allow her so much happiness.

Her link with all things Voodoo brings her into the servitude of the Baron Semedi, demi-god of the Underworld. A deal gone bad. It only serves to deepen that darkness. Can anyone help her before she does irrevocable damage to both an entire city of innocent people…and herself?

Not your typical vampire story in the least…

Zoe’s Website
Zoe’s WordPress Blog
Zoe’s Blogspot blog
Twitter @ZoeAmbler5
Barnes & Noble

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