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Short Fiction.  Writing from a prompt.


He hadn’t seen Kara since the day he left high school.  He had thought about her often then he had gotten involved with Kathleen.  Kathleen was perfect for him or so his mother said when she had promised Kathleen’s mother that he would take Kathleen to the prom.  It had been his mother’s idea and she is the one that had pushed them together.  While they made plans for their wedding, he kept thinking that Kara was the perfect one for him and he knew they loved each other.  He was stuck between wanting to please his mother with someone that he’d be happy enough with or daring to please himself with the one he knew he would always know had been his soul mate.  In the end, he had chosen to please his mother.  But now, when he saw Kara again, he wished he had been strong enough, man enough to tell his mother that, while he loved and respected her, he needed to do what he felt was right for him.  He hadn’t done that.  That had been his mistake and here she was again.  If he had stood up to his mother, both he and Kara would have had remarkably different lives.  Kara.  Kara.  Kara.

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