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When word came across the news, late last night, that David Bowie had died, I thought “Wow!” Then I thought about it. I knew he was a singer. I knew about his looks back in the 70’s and I had heard that he was in movies and doing soundtracks. That was all. I tried to come up with the title of a song of his. Nothing. Blank. Then I went online to search for a list of song titles that he recorded. Nothing. I must be the only person over 20 that has no idea what songs he sang. None of the titles look familiar. I clicked on the titles to get to the lyrics. None of them sounded familiar either.

And yet, I knew he was an iconic performer. What did he perform? I guess there are a lot of people that I just sort of missed over the years. I know they are icons in their genre and I recognize their name when I see/hear it, but I really don’t know who they are or what they perform. It’s interesting to me that these people inspire such adoration for such a wide range of ages and lifestyles, yet remain almost unknown to so many others. That’s a good thing. We are all different; with different likes and dislikes so we are not all going to identify with every single performer or celebrity out in the world, even if we know the name when we hear it.

Who do you know, just by name, yet not know much about? With which iconic performer do you just not identify? With which DO you identify?

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I’m still quite stunned at the passing of Teddy Kennedy.  I feel an emptiness inside that I haven’t felt in some time.  It’s a sort of hopelessness.

Like millions of Americans, today is the first day I have lived that there has been no Kennedy brother alive.   I grew up with Kennedy stories everywhere.  I remember having my own little “All the way with JFK” button that my dad got for me at a rally when JFK was running for president.  I remember his election.  I also remember the terrible day in 1963 when I was in second grade when JFK was killed.  I remember watching the coverage and I remember watching as Jack Ruby walked up to Lee Harvey Oswald and killed him.  And I remember watching as Caroline and John John visited the casket then the funeral procession and the eulogies.  I remember it all.  And there among the multitude of Kennedys was Teddy.  When I was in fifth grade I remember Bobby running for president and I remember wanting to go see him when he came to campaign in our town.   I remember fantasizing that one day I would marry Bobby Kennedy Junior who is a year older than I.  And I was awake on that June night watching the election returns when Bobby was killed.   I remember watching the train that took Bobby’s body from California to Washington D.C.  I remember the words and the voice and the emotion Teddy showed in eulogizing his brother.  Teddy became the face of the Kennedy’s then.  We saw him take charge of the Senate and I knew that as long as there was a Kennedy brother in D.C., there would be someone fighting for the rights and concerns of the Every Day Man.

I could go on and on but it’s all been said, especially in the hours since he passed.    I will probably have more to say at some point when I can collect my thoughts and put them into words.  For now, if you haven’t seen it, let me leave you with a link to Joe Biden’s words about Teddy which are probably the best and most sincere description I have heard of Teddy.

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