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The weather, for the most part, has been dark and dreary around here. Last Friday, as I left home to run errands, the sun was shining and I got a good look at the route of red maples across the road. I live in a mobile home park with the main driveway off of a major state highway so it often takes a good trim minutes for traffic to clear to pull out off the driveway. During that time, I tried taking pictures of the trees with my phone but the angle was limited.

Blazing Red maple

It brought a big smile to my face as I remembered how my mom loved to visit during the fall so she could see these trees in all their blazing glory. She was like a child seeing something magical. Once, as we drive north from California to Portland, she started counting the trees but have up somewhere around Grants Pass because there were too many to count.

As some of you know, my mom passed away in August of 2020. I had not seen her for the years when she passed and because of COVID I was not able to travel to see her that last week when my sister called to let me know we had run out of time. These special memories of my time with her, pop up every so often and bring me smiles and happiness asking with a few tears.

This was my smile this week. Red mapkes will blaze like this for another week or so then their fire will go out. Memories of my mom will keep making me smile, specially when they pop up so unexpectedly.

What made you smile this week? Tell us about it. Visit Trent’s blog and drop a link to your blog post to share.

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Blogging From A to Z

When I was a little girl, around three years old, I spent a lot of time being sick. There were lots of doctor visits, lots of medicines, and a lot of trips to the hospital. I had a lot of pain in my throat and it seemed like it was always sore, like I always had a cold. Finally, Dr. Johnson told my mother that it was time to get my tonsils take out. I would have to go to the hospital to have an operation. My parent’s had insurance for it but because I was so young, the insurance said they would not cover the surgery until they got another doctor to examine me and say the same thing so I had to go to more doctors and more visits and be sick some more.

Then one day my mother got a phone call from the hospital. It was okay for me to have the operation. For several days, my parents took me shopping at night time, after my father was home from work. I got a little suitcase made of wood with colored pegs and a little hammer. It had a chalkboard too. It was mine. I did not have to share it with my sisters. It was for me to take to the hospital with me. I also got a pink nightgown and a pink robe to take to the hospital. I think there were new slippers and I know there was a new blue hairbrush. All these things were for me. All for me. No one else. Just for me. I was feeling really special to be getting the operation.

On the day of the operation, my father had to work so my mother and I walked to the bus stop and took the bus downtown. We had some breakfast and then we got on another bus that left us closer to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital, it was almost the night time. After we waited a long time, they took me to a little room where there were only doctors and nurses. My mom could not go in with me. The doctor told me to look up at the ceiling at a large circle that was like a light but it had no light coming from it. I was supposed to look at it and count backwards from 100 but I didn’t know my numbers so I was confused. Just a couple of numbers later, I was asleep and I didn’t know what happened until I woke up in a room in a crib with a lot of ladies in it.

That night, after work and after dinner, my mom and dad came to see me at the hospital. They brought me a little doll that was going to stay with me and sleep at the hospital when they left. I liked the doll but when it was time for them to leave me and go back home to my brothers and sisters, I gave the doll back to my mom so she could take it back to the store because I wanted to go home with her. My mom’s pretty green eyes were wet and she smiled and said I had to stay there overnight but that if I was a good girl, I could go home in a day or two. My mom and dad kissed me and hugged me and as they turned and waved at me from the door, I smiled at them but I was crying. I smiled at them because I didn’t want my mommy to cry. I didn’t want her to see me cry so I just smiled at them and waved with one hand and wiped the tears away with the other hand.

That night, after they left and after all the ladies in the beds around me were sleeping, I cried. Being in the hospital was not fun anymore. I didn’t want to stay there. I wanted to go home and I wanted my mommy.

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