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Do I Dare?

In light of Anderson’s curiosity, I’m wondering if I should give him what I made for him.  At first thought, it was a good idea but now I’m thinking maybe not.

When my kids were growing up, they had these wands filled with liquid and glitter and little, tiny “things” inside that would float inside the clear wand.  The idea was that the kids had to find all the little things inside.  They loved doing it and it was a great quiet activity that could be used in the car or in a waiting room, or any place else.  I decided that I would go along those lines and make an I Spy type of game for Anderson.  I got a clear plastic container and filled it with white rice (uncooked) and then hid all sorts of little things inside of the rice.  There is a toy soldier, a ring, Sesame Street character stickers, a toy dinosaur, bright buttons in different colors and shapes, a shiny penny,  a marble, etc., etc.  I’ve sealed the whole thing with a hot glue gun.  He will be able to hold the container and tilt and turn it to find the different objects in there.  It’s an activity he can do alone or with help.

However, I’m wondering if the glue will hold.  He’s a strong little boy and can open water jugs, soda bottles, and all sorts of things that I can’t even open so I’m wondering if he’ll find a way to turn and twist the lid until the glue gives.  If he does, we’ll have rice all over and who knows where or when that will happen.  Hhmmm.  I guess I’ll have to take the chance and just watch him closely the first day.  I’ll have to keep checking the seal, too!

Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know if Mr. Destructo manages to make a big rice mess!

I Spy jar I made for Anderson.

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