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“When we lose too many things–too much love–we shut ourselves off and end up losing the love we’ve shut out.  We’re double losers and the second loss we did to ourselves.” –from Things We Set On Fire by Deborah Reed

This past year I’ve read many books that have left a lasting impression on me.  The above quote is from one of those books.  The concept of shutting ourselves off is not new or foretign to me.  I’ve thought about it for a long, long time; for years.  It was not, however, until I read the quote above that I was able to put it into words.

If you’re on the look out for an wonderful, thought provoking, moving novel, you might want to take a look at this one.

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Ripping through the wrapping paper on the large square box. Corina found tissue paper inside of the package. She pulled the tissue paper out, patiently, carefully. Her father was watching. She hadn’t expected anything from him but now that she was finding only tissue paper, she had to wonder if he was getting back at her for not having invited him until the last minute. It hadn’t been her fault, though. Her mother had said that if Corina invited her father, she wouldn’t go so she had not invited him. Then five days before graduation, Corina’s mother called her to tell her that her father was very hurt to not have gotten an invitation and that Corina should invite him. If only she had not listened to her mother, she would not have ripped her father’s heart with the hurt of exclusion. Luckily, she had been able to find someone with an extra ticket for graduation and her father had been included.

Finally, Corina got through the tissue paper to find a pile of two dollar bills. When she was done counting them, there were fifty of them. Her father had managed to give her one hundred dollars for graduation and he had gone through the trouble of going to the bank to get crisp, new bills. She was glad she had been able to include him and not just because of the gift he had brought, but because he was her father and although their family had been ripped apart for years, she still loved him.

[This is a Manic Monday post; today’s word was RIP.]

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