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Well, we got our first snow of the season. This morning. It’s not supposed to get over 30 or so degrees so it looks like it will be icy out on the roads. It’s now sleet. That’s why I didn’t want snow until after today. Oh well. It is forcing a slow down. I won’t complain. I had one thing that I wanted to do today that would take me on the roads but I’ve asked the three people in the mobile home park that I can ask, to let me know if they go out and can pick up the one last gift that is ready for pick up. Two of them have snow tires and the right “fixings” to go out in the snow and they are moms so they may be going out. If not, the world will not part.

I’m still in my pajamas at almost eleven in the morning on a busy day but I’m not going to stress. I’m going to finish this post then put some food in my Instant Pot (if you don’t have one, run, do not walk, to go get one) and I’m going to dye my hair then jump in the shower. And relax.

But first, I wanted to come here and share a few things that have happened this week that have put me in the Christmas spirit. I hope you get something out of them, besides tears.

On Monday morning, I was feeling pretty low and feeling like I just didn’t matter to anyone. Then I opened the front door to put something out for pick up by another Buy Nothing member. For those that don’t know, Buy Nothing is a movement where members list things they no longer want and others that need those items ask for them. You can also ask for something you need and if someone has it, you get it. It’s a money free exchange. Just gifting to each other. So I put something out that a woman was coming to pick up and I found a holiday food box from the local church. It brought tears to my eyes. Someone had cared enough to put me on the list at the church where I have never set foot. That was the first thing and it set the stage for more things.

On Wednesday, in a Facebook group that I belong to, someone posted a question: Are you in the Christmas spirit yet and are you finished with your shopping? I answered that I was trying to stay in the spirit but it is difficult this year because my son-in-law lost his job right before Thanksgiving and my daughter’s hours were cut so there is almost no money to spend on the kids. Spencer got a HUGE box of presents from Head Start so he didn’t need anything more. Maya got a big box of gifts from the Healthy Families program they she is enrolled in and she is only ten months old so she doesn’t need anything more. However, that leaves Anderson who is seen and understands now about gifts and gets disappointed when Santa doesn’t bring things. There was no money to get him the Lego set he wanted. I got him a few small things but I don’t have the money for the big set. I said I was remaining hopeful that somehow it would be fulfilled. I was thinking maybe a super sale and taking back my cans and bottles for a little cash. Well, about two hours later, I was contacted by private message by a woman…an angel of a woman…who wanted to buy Anderson the Lego set. I gave her the info and the package arrived Fed Ex on Friday! Wow! What a blessing.

On Thursday, in that same Buy Nothing group that I belong to, this happened:





This exchange brought tears to many and the post now has something like one hundred comments from people that were touched by the whole thing.

Also through this Buy Nothing group, one single mom has gotten a fridge full of food and two boxes full of toys for her two children because she posted a very modest inquiry stating she didn’t have food or gifts. People came through. Another post by the admin in one of these similar groups asked people to post if they were needing a gift for anyone in particular so another ten or so people got their gift lists filled by some of us.

Christmas Angels. That’s what I call them. It’s people helping people and people accepting the help. It’s such a wonderful feeling. Every time I think about this past week and the angels it has uncovered, I want to cry. Happy tears. Good tears. And I do.

If I don’t make it back here later on, imagine me relaxing and doing some things that need to be done here inside the house…like wrapping the last two gifts and setting up the tiny tree. And maybe a cup of eggnog.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Soulful Solstice. Wonderful Winter. This is what I wish for you all.

Look for the Angels. Be an Angel. It’s a wonderful feeling.



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