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I´ve been off of there for so long. I´ve done no writing. And now I have a new Chromebook. So I have to learn the new Chromebook which is different from the old one and I have to learn the WordPress interface all over again. While I don´t look forward to it, I´m determined to do it because I have to get back to writing, for my sanity and health.

So I guess this is sort of a test. I started it an hour ago but I keep losing it and I cannot find my WP Dashboard to check for drafts! I think I´ll be trying to get this one post done for awhile. Then hopefully I can get back to writing new stuff in the next day or so. I´m a little reluctant because there will be some painful things to write. Those of you that are Facebook friends with me may know that my mom passed in late August and I have not been able to digest it or write anything about it. I need to. 

Until we meet again, or until I type again…

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That’s about four inches and it’s the size of the tumor that yesterday’s CT scan found growing outside of my gall bladder. From what the doctor says, the CT scan shows that it is “acting like it is cancerous.” The next step is a needle biopsy which should happen within the week and the gastroenterologist has already put in a referral to the oncologist. Approval for oncologist consult should take a couple of weeks, at least.

I’m sort of in shock. The doctor says it will have to come out, whatever it is, because it is protruding into the colon. So best case scenario is that it only has to be removed. But it is very likely that there will be a need for “follow up treatment.”

I managed to hold it together enough to call my three kids and tell them, and then my mother. I learned that hearing bad news is bad but having to relay the bad news to someone you love is far worse. So I guess we all have some more waiting to do. I wish the wait to be as short as possible.

I want to digest this news so that I can let my mind think about other things. Right now it’s kind of tough to think of anything. I’m sort of numb.

With luck, I can distract myself in a day or two so I can write and post here. I have a lot of ideas for posts.

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