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If we were having coffee, I would have to excuse myself for my disheveled look and manner today. I would explain that the raspberry mocha I had at 8 last night was probably not decaf although I ordered it decaf. Darn Starbucks! So I didn’t fall asleep until after six this morning. It’s almost 2 now so I’m tryingt to wake up. Yawn.

I would tell you that since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to watch an episode or two of the new Bosch series based on Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch novels. It’s from Amazon Studios and yesterday was the release day. I watched the pilot last year and was kind of iffy on whether I liked it or not so I figured I would watch the new episode. Well, there are ten 42 minute episodes that were released yesterday. I ended up watching all of them last night. I didn’t start until about 11 so by the time the credits rolled on the last one, I was barely starting to yawn.

I’d ask if you have read any of the Harry Bosch novels. If you have, we would probably start talking about Harry. If you haven’t, I would be tempted to tell you about Harry and how disappointed I was with the most recent novel, The Burning Room. Seventeen novels into the series, it looks like Connelly is ending the series. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that we may have just seen the last of the Bosch novels in The Burning Room. Connelly, in interviews, has explained that he fears that the series is coming to an end because Harry is being forced to retire from the LAPD because of his age and Connelly can’t figure out how to end the series. He’s toyed with having Harry die. I’m surprised that Connelly can’t come up with a way to have Harry go on. I can and I didn’t create that marvelous character. Harry can teach at the Academy and influence a new generation. Of course, he would probably get called in to consult on cases, too. Or, his daughter, Maddie, who wants to go into police work and is about to graduate high school in the latest novel, can indeed go into police work and Harry can impart his wisdom there. And maybe his daughter can slowly become the central character of the novels.

Oh well, I guess you can tell I’m a huge fan. I would tell you about another blog post I wrote a while back about Harry and the music that pulls readers into the novels. It’s a good post and talks about how Harry doesn’t leave his readers, even after the last page has been read. He stays with you and makes you think. At least until The Burning Room. That was totally not a Harry Bosch novel. It was flat and there was nothing but the action. There were no insights into what Harry was thinking. That tells me Connelly has moved on to another character, either one he is creating or maybe an existing one, like Micky Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer, who is Harry Bosch’s half brother.

I would tell you that I’ve had a tough time fighting the blues this week but I think I’m coming out of it. At least I’m trying to. A look at our weather forecast is encouraging, too. It looks like, after today, no rain for almost a week and at least partly sunny days. I can live with that. I sure hope Mr. Weather Guy is right. I need some sun.

How was your week? Do you have any novel series you follow? I could talk about Harry Bosch forever and tell you how Connelly has made the city of Los Angeles a character in the novels. It’s very interesting how he has transformed that city from a setting to a living, breathing, thriving and sometimes conniving character. Okay, I’ll stop with the Bosch stuff!

February 20th is coming up on us. That’s the day for all the participating bloggers in 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion (#1000Speak) to post their writing about compassion. I know what I’m going to write. I need to speak to my sister to make sure I can say certain things (my post is about my nephew). And I should probably write it tonight or tomorrow. Our father is in hospice and has been for a couple of weeks and we know it will be just days now. I can’t go down there right now (southern California) and I am trying to figure out a way to go. So things may happen between now and the 20th. So I guess I should write that post sooner than later.

Are YOU participating in #1000Speak? What have you got going this week? Is the weather changing in your area? What’s on your mind? Feel welcome to stay a while longer but I warn you that I may go on and on about Harry Bosch. I also have to get ready soon because I have to watch my grandsons in a while. I’m not sure if they are coming here or I am going there but I should get dressed and put some stuff away in case they come here (you know, like scissors and my eraser carving tools and all the stickers I took out for Valentine making). OH! Yeah. I forgot! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Are you doing anything special today? Do you have any Valentine memories you want to share?

It’s your turn. I’ll listen!

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Harry Bosch.

I didn’t discover him until last year.  Now I can’t get enough of him or of his half-brother, Mickey Haller.  I’ve been reading him out of order just because I’m reading what I can get for free or next to free before spending money on those things I can’t get without spending money.  Not that Harry isn’t worth money.  It’s just that I’ve learned that some things I can get for free and I don’t mind reading Harry out of order.  It keeps me on my toes.

One of the things that I like about Harry is that the reader knows so much more about him than the characters in any of the novels.  They aren’t privy to Harry’s history as we are.  They don’t know some of his preferences or the things he enjoys when he’s off the job.  I like that while reading Harry, I often find myself putting my Kindle into sleep mode so I can go off and find something that Harry has led me to.  Like today.  I have been busy finding some of the music in The Drop.  Harry, you see, loves jazz.  He loves vintage jazz.  I often know who Harry is listening to just by reading the name, as I’ve a small collection of vintage jazz, but not so today.  As Maddie listened to one of Harry’s CDs, I was introduced to Chet Baker, and to Night Bird in particular.  It’s great music.  And downloading it and playing it as I read about Harry, adds to the experience and to my music library.  Today I also learned a little about poet, John Harvey.

The Drop also finds me thinking about the origin of evil.  It’s one of the themes in the novel and Harry has a lot of thoughts about evil and the source of it.  Is it nature?  Or is it nurture?  Harry is unsure.  He can see it both ways.  It gives the reader a lot to think about as we read and digest.

Harry isn’t just another literary character.  He is a source, or should I say a resource?  He leads us to discover a lot we didn’t know.  He leads us to remember some things and some places that we already know but hadn’t thought about in a while.  He makes us think.  Thinking is good.

Okay, Harry is calling me back.

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