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I’m taking a break from posting about Australia today.  Instead you get a list of some of the most annoying and in some cases rude things I have run into while out and about over the last couple of days.

1.  Can we please not blast Christmas carols over the store’s stereo? Can we wait a couple of weeks until after Thanksgiving?  Please?  This has been a problem while out shopping at Old Navy, The Gap, and at a local outlet store mall.  And the music is LOUD.

2.  It seems as though people were either raised in a barn or they have forgotten their manners.  How about a simple “thank you” once in a while?  Today, as I was entering The Gap, I saw a woman pushing a stroller.  I was already two steps in the store with the door closed behind me.  I saw her with the stroller and a little one in her arms.  I went back outside, opened the door and held it open for her until she and her two children (one in arms) and the stroller (the older child was walking) got clear of the door.  I was rewarded with nothing.  Not a thank you.  The woman didn’t even make eye contact with me.  Unfortunately, she’s teaching her children to be just like her.  And my daughter, who is five months pregnant (and yes, she’s showing quite a bit), has had numerous instances of having the door close in her face at stores and at her apartment building when there were people around that could have held the door for an obviously pregnant woman carrying packages and a dripping umbrella.  Where are our manners?

3.  And how much sense does it take to know that when you are shopping with a group of people, you shouldn’t all congregate in one place to discuss the next store you’re going to.  People, you are blocking the aisle, or in some cases the entrance/exit to the store and no one can get around you!  (Think a group of 6 adults standing right inside the door to a store.)

4.  Now this one is just unbelievable to me, especially in this season of H1N1.  Today I visited a number of restrooms (okay we were out about 7 hours and I my bladder doesn’t work so well at my age) and was pretty shocked to see (and in some instances hear) no fewer than 8 people go into a restroom, use it, flush, and then leave the restroom without washing their hands!  I actually got into the habit of looking at their shoes and then avoiding going near them when I was out in the store!

Okay, no more ranting.  Tomorrow more Australia stuff!

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