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Here are more pictures of our day at the Great Barrier Reef:

Catamaran docked at pontoon at Morse Reef

Coral, taken through Underwater Theater window

Lots of little fishies!

And lots of bigger fishies!

Tony and I before boarding the catamaran

That’s all for today.  Not feeling great so off to bed.

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When we planned the trip, there were four main things that Tony wanted to do.  The first was to rent a car and go to the Twelve Apostles and Port Campbell.  We did that.  In Cairns, he wanted to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and go to Kuranda in the rainforest.  So now that we were in Cairns, it was time to take on another of the things on his list: the Great Barrier Reef.

We left our hotel early to walk the mile to the harbor where we boarded the catamaran for our reserved trip.  It was a two hour catamaran trip out to Morse Reef where our catamaran docked at a pontoon for the day’s activities.  I cannot swim so I did not sign up for the snorkeling but there were other things to do, such as the Glass Bottom Boat and the Semi Submersible.  Tony can swim so he signed up for the snorkeling and went a step further and booked the advanced snorkeling trip during which they take a group of 4 or 5 at a time for a 40 minute adventure outside of the cordoned off area where everyone else goes snorkeling.  It was so wonderful for me to see him so excited about this activity.  This was, afterall, his trip.  I wanted to make sure that he got to do everything he wanted to do.  I didn’t want him to miss anything because I could not do it.

The water, the fish, and the coral, as seen through the glass of the semi submersible and the glass bottom boat were amazing.  I took way too many pictures to share here but I am posting a few below and will post more tomorrow.  Enjoy.  And yes, the water was really that color!


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We left Melbourne on Saturday and flew to Cairns.  It was a super early day for us.  We had to get up at 4:30 for a 5:30 am taxi pickup to the airport.  Yuck.  But we made it fine and enjoyed the flight to Cairns, although JetStar’s service and their staff leave a lot to be desired.  It’s a good thing we’re taking Virgin Blue when we go to Sydney because I wouldn’t want to travel on JetStar again.

Our hotel is super!  Tony did a great job finding bargain places.  This one was the most expensive of our accomodations but still under $100/night.   We were surprised to find that we were upgraded to a suite upon arrival.  That makes this a super deal.  We have a huge suite on the top floor (7 th) with a beach and mountain view.

Moi on our balcony in Cairns.

Moi on our balcony in Cairns.

Sunday we boarded a catamaran which took us on a 90 minute ride out to the Great Barrier Reef!  Once there we had 5 hours to explore the area by snorkel, diving, glass bottom boat, semi-submersible, and the underwater theater.  I don’t swim so I didn’t get to go in the water.  However, I did get to check out the other options and took some neat pictures.  Tony went snorkeling and it was a kick to see him enjoying this as much as he did.  This was the highlight of the trip for him.

Before taking off from the Great Barrier Reef, they feed the fish which brings big and tiny fish from all over.  This picture was taken through the glass of the underwater theater.

Before taking off from the Great Barrier Reef, they feed the fish which brings big and tiny fish from all over. This picture was taken through the glass of the underwater theater.

One of the things I love about this place is the birds!  We have been treated to a concert of chirping and screeching by no fewer than 20 different kinds of birds including lorakeets, herons, cranes, and many others.  They hang out in the trees around our hotel so early morning and just before sunset, the trees serenade us and put on a beautiful show as they fly up high into trees and swoop down to the water and back to the trees.  I wish I had thought to bring a mini cassette recorder so I could record it all.  I might try recording the sound on the cell phone or something.

Tomorrow will be a day of exploring the local area then on Tuesday we will be going to the rainforest!!!  Should make for lots of great pictures.

Internet is very pricey at our hotel ($20/day) so we didn’t pay for it yesterday and probably won’t pay for it again after today.  With luck we’ll have internet when we get to Sydney.

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