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Wacky Wednesday

Anderson spent the night on Tuesday. He woke up at 1:30 in the morning upset because he didn’t have his blankie so Tina brought it over. By then he was in my bed. We got the blanket and turned everything low and I cuddled with him but he still had a lot of trouble getting back to bed. I think it was 4 when I fell asleep and and he was still awake. Needless to say, he slept til after eleven on Wednesday morning.

He didn’t want to go home so we hung out at my house. In the late afternoon we went on some errands with his mom and little  brother. When we got back, they both wanted to stay with me so they did. For a couple of hours. Then Spencer asked for “hum” and got his blankie and walked to the door. Tina came and got him. Anderson stayed.

So it looks like of the past twenty-four hours, I have had one or two little boys for the whole twenty-four hours. Anderson will stay at least til noon tomorrow. Crazy boys! They must be making up for last week when I didn’t see them from Thursday til Tuesday! Of course they picked the days that I need to go get a few things for their Easter baskets! I think I will have to insist on Anderson going home tomorrow so I can go do that before everything is gone.

Hopefully I will get a chance to blog a bit.

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My grandson is very curious, as are most two year olds.  He’s also very smart.  He likes to figure out how things work, which is good but not always good!

He loves anything with lights on it and every time he sees a light he points and shouts out “da light”.  He has, ever since I can remember, been fascinated with lights.  All lights.  Colored lights.  White lights.  Big lights.  Small lights.  He loves flashlights.  As of about four months ago, every time he gets a flashlight in his hands, he opens it up, takes out the batteries, the bulb, and anything else he can take off of it!  So now there are a gazillion flashlight pieces all over my house and his!

He also loves ink pens.  He loves to draw (scribble).  In the carseat, he asks for “ABC” which means he wants to write.  So he gets an ink pen and paper.  We have a variety of small notepads, small enough for his little hands.  He loves having his own notepad.  It hasn’t been a problem until today.  I thought it would be a treat to let him play with my new four color ink pen.  He loved it.  However, I should have known it was trouble when I spotted him pushing each button while looking at the actual ink part of the pen going in and out of the tube.  Now I have the pen in about ten pieces.  He took the whole thing apart and handed me the four ink chambers, the little thing you push in and out, the tube parts, the clip part, and THREE springs.  Not four springs for the four colors.  Only three.  So now I can’t put it back together again.

Whatever he gets, he checks out very carefully.  You can almost see the wheels turning as he is figuring out how it works.

Today, as I searched for the fouth ink pen spring, I asked him “Are you a destructo monster?” His answer, “Yah.”  And he says it with a big smile then kisses me.

I guess I don’t have to mention that he’s also a charmer.

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