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There’s this little boy that lives down the street from my daughter that goes over to play with my grandsons. That’s not unusual. All the kids in the neighborhood go play there. It’s a kid’s perfect backyard. There are swings, a fort, one of those pendulum swings, a big trampoline, a swimming pool, a hot tub, and room to run around. So that’s where the neighborhood kids hand out

But Leon is a different story. He’s a little guy. I think he’s 7 but he’s smaller than my 5 year old granddaughter. He doesn’t go ring the doorbell. He doesn’t go knock on the door. He goes over and just walks in the door and wanders around the house until he finds one of the kids. He wanders into the backyard too if he doesn’t see anyone before he gets to the back door.

Imagine my almost-surprise to be sitting in the couch watching TV while house sitting and looking up to see Leon wandering inside the house!

Then there’s Leon when he gets hungry or thirsty. He doesn’t say anything. He just goes in the kitchen and opens the fridge to find what he wants. He also goes through the pantry. He doesn’t ask. He just does it.

I don’t know if his mom is aware of what a bad little guest he is. My daughter doesn’t know how to tell the mom and even though she has told Leon that he needs to knock on the door and ask for what he wants before going through the fridge and pantry, he still does it.

And I’m almost ashamed to say that I don’t like that little boy. Even before I knew he did all this I just didn’t like him. There’s something that just makes him less likable that your average kid.

I just asked him. He’s 7. Hopefully he will outgrow these un- neighborly habits before he turns 8!

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It was bedtime but she insisted she wasn’t tired and asked if she could watch TV for “a few minutes”. I agreed to 15 minutes.

About 5 minutes later, I looked over to my right because she was too quiet. I laughed so much I had to leave the room so I wouldn’t wake her!

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…my time goes:


Just as I think I am going to start something or take a short nap, it never fails, I get a text from my daughter to go rock the baby to sleep or hold her so she can get word done. And off I go because I never learned to pronounce the most difficult word in many languages — “no.”  Sometimes I don’t eat because I am over there. Like tonight. She asked me over just after five. I was supposed to eat between six and seven. (Because my insulin lasts about four and a half hours and I have to eat shortly after that so I can take the insulin again before my blood sugar sky rockets.) I thought I would just need to rock her to sleep and then come home. When I got there, she told me that Anderson tried to do a somersault and landed on the pack ‘n play with all his weight and broke it. They use the pack ‘n play as the baby’s bed because a crib doesn’t fit in her bedroom. So she was asking in all of her free groups on Facebook if anyone had an extra one she could have or even borrow. And that also meant that when Maya fell asleep in my arms, she had to stay in my arms because her bed was broken.

She was lucky enough to find one to keep in one of the groups so off she went to pick it up and to the grocery store to get the rent money order because she’s going to be out of town until late Sunday and she can’t trust her husband to get the money order and follow through with turning it in. And all that while I was sitting on the couch with a sleeping baby in my arms.


The baby woke up and cried and fussed because she’s working on cutting another tooth and I think she missed her mama, too. When they got back, Spencer didn’t want me to leave. He does this thing where he wraps his arms around my legs so I won’t leave and looks up at me and says “pease Nana pease, don’t go, pease.” How can I say no to that? By then it was nine and I still had not eaten or taken my insulin so I told Spencer I could stay a little longer if his mommy had food for me because I was three hours late eating and taking my medicine. Spencer got a chair and pulled it to the freezer to look for food for me! So I stayed just about another hour. I ate there then played with Spencer (no school on Fridays at Head Start so he got to stay up late) for a little bit then came home.

And I am exhausted. I am supposed to do some writing so I don’t fall behind on my NaNoWriMo project (and I will most likely fall behind this weekend because I am helping Chris out with kids while Tina is out of town) and I was supposed to write this blog post. I got that done but I don’t think I will have the energy to do any writing on my NaNoWriMo project. Maybe if I go to sleep now I will wake up early tomorrow?

Anyway, if Maya was such a cutie pie, awake or asleep, it wouldn’t be so difficult to say that unpronouncable word! Darn, just my luck to have the cutest little granddaughter!



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Spencer is very independent. He’s a “fresh” four year old (his birthday was in April). He still has delayed speech but is much better. We can understand what he says, although we sometimes can’t figure out what he means by it. He gets what he wants all on his own if you don’t get it for him. He will carry chairs or ladders to climb onto the counters or tables to reach things. He goes to the fridge and helps himself to what he wants from it or from the freezer.

One thing that is great is that he will dress himself and put his shoes on all by himself. His seven year old brother doesn’t always do that so we’re pleased that Spencer does it. However, he puts everything on backwards! All of his shirts go on backwards and he also puts his shoes on the wrong foot. He won’t let us fix his shirt or his shoes. He’s consistent and insistent with the shirts but we can sometimes get him to let us fix his shoes or he’ll do it himself.

Yesterday evening, I took him to the park and was not surprised to see all of the parents smiling when they saw his backwards shirt! I’m not sure if they thought his crazy grandma had done it or if they realized he had done it himself. I guess I don’t really care what they thought. I almost wanted to go up to them and say he had dressed himself but then I figured I really didn’t care what they thought!


My backwards boy scrubbing the fridge for me.

The #WeeklySmile is hosted by Trent at Trent’s World the Blog. Go check it out and maybe share a smile with us?!

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Some of you will remember my posts about Love Rocks (love-rocks.org). I always have a bucket full of them. I put some in several little drawstring bags and carry one in the car at all times. I also give one to the boys when we go for walks or to the park. They greatly enjoy leaving them for someone to find and when we go by where they placed one and it’s gone, they get SO excited! It makes me happy that they like leaving joyful things for others to find.

Over the weekend, Anderson spent a couple of “sleep overs” with me. On Saturday we went out to pull weeds (his idea, not mine) but they did need to be pulled. Then he decided to put out some love rocks for people to find when they walk by. We went inside and got a bag of rocks to put in the yard. Then he grabbed his sidewalk chalk and started to write. He asked me how to spell “sale” and I told him but I also asked him why he wanted to know. He said he wanted to write that the rocks were for sale. I told them we don’t sell the rocks. They are for giving away. He said,  “That’s what I mean, Nana. They are rocks for sale for free. No money.” He added a picture of a boy with a rock in his hand.

free rocks resized


Come on over to Trent’s Weekly Smile to see what others are smiling about and maybe add your own smile!

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I know I already did a weekly smile post but I wanted to share another smile.

When I upgraded my Amazon Fire tablet a year and a half ago, I gave my “old” one to Anderson. He already had a bunch of games and movies that I had downloaded for him so it was a good thing for him to have…lots of educational stuff and with our rainy weather up here in the Pacific Northwest, there are times when weeks go by that he can’t go out and play so the tablet provides entertainment for him, too. Recently, Amazon introduced the Underground program for apps where some of them are totally free, including in app purchases. So last week, I got rid of some of the apps he plays and downloaded the “Actually Free” versions of the same games. It was a big surprise to him because he now has unlimited coins to “buy” extra lives and hints and power ups, etc.

Yesterday, we haTind to run a bunch of errands. I went a long with them so I could stay in the car with the boys while Tina ran in and out of stores, in and out of the car. We took the tablet with us. On the way back, Anderson was playing one of his Actually Free apps and was so delighted to have all the free power ups and lives and coins. He asked, “So Nana, how did you get me all of these coins?” I answered “I downloaded some special apps that make the coins free for you.” His next words were, “Nana, you’re the best!”

Tina and I looked at each other, smiled, and said, “Awww!”


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Last week, although he loved school, Anderson did have one instance in which he was sort of reprimanded by the teacher.  He says she was talking and he was talking and she told him not to talk so he stopped.  We asked him who he was talking to and he said “to myself”.  I had to laugh at that.  I had told his mom that they should talk to him before he started school and tell him what was appropriate for kindergarten and what was not. Kindergarten is real school and he’s not used to that. He’s used to preschool where they pretty much “suggested’ that he do things and if he didn’t want to, it was okay. Kindergarten isn’t like that!

The talking to himself is interesting, too.  When he first started Head Start the year before last, the teacher was concerned because he was too quiet.  She said he didn’t talk to anyone and he didn’t  “pretend play” she had him checked out by the district psych staff.  Of course, when they observed him one-on-one, he was fine.  They were actually very impressed with how advanced he was for his age.  The 2 hour observation period was cut short after just a half hour because they felt it was not necessary.  He was, since then, encouraged to “pretend” and talk to himself in his pretending.  He’s gotten quite good at it.  He plays a game on the Kindle tablet called Mixels.  It’s a Lego program in conjunction with the Cartoon Network.  The good guys are Mixels.  They’re colorful and each has a different power.  The bad guys are tiny figures that are multi-powered and are black.  They are called Nixels.  The Nixels chase the Mixels all over and they gang up on the Mixels.

Anderson’s thing now is that when we are someplace and there are a lot of people around that we don’t know, he says they are Nixels coming after us and we have to hurry and get out of there!  He pretends to talk to the Mixels.  He does it all the time. I think he was probably talking to the Mixels when the teacher asked him not to talk.  He doesn’t quite understand why he can’t talk to Mixels when he needs to get away from the Nixels (which is really anyone he doesn’t know and he doesn’t know anyone in the class).  His mom and dad didn’t have that talk with him.  I guess I’ll have to be the bad guy and talk to him about that.

I think it’s going to be an interesting time getting used to kindergarten and real school!

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…oh heck!  I’m totally lying.  I don’t even have a dog!

Back in October (seems like ancient history, doesn’t it?) a freind at Breezes At Dawn hosted her anual Walktober in which participants take some kind of a walk during the month then post about it on their on blog, many including photographs.  The blog posts with Walktober shares are then highlighted and shared on Robin’s blog where she posts links to all the participating posts from other blogs.

Last year I told myself I was going to give it a try but things conspired against me as I had to travel and stay with my mother in the weeks surrounding her surgery in the second week of October.  By the time I got back home, I was playing tag with inclement weather and trying to catch up from being gone for three weeks so my Walktober did not happen.

This year, when Robin posted regarding Walktober I really wated to do it.  I even planned to take my four year old grandson, Anderson, with me.  He loves going for walks.  Because of our infamously wet October weather in Oregon, I planned to go early in the mot.  The earlier the better, I thought. So, on the first Friday in Octoer, Anderson and I went to his favorite restaurant (Olive Garden) then went to Leach Botanical Garden in Portland.  Anderson doesn’t go to school on Fridays and the Leach Botanical Garden is only about ten minutes from home and the weather that day was dry and crisp, so this should have worked pretty well.

First, I missed the parking lot which is a tiny, mostly unpaved, lot right off of the narrow street so I had to drive about four miles before I could get turned around and go back but we made it back.  Then Anderson was more interested in the water in the creek under the bridge we had to walk over to get to the garden so we stood there (in precarious proximity to the road) so he could see the water below and ask question upon question about some people that were exploring the creek.  There wasn’t a path to get to the creek and it was kind of a steep drop if we missed a step so we didn’t try that.  We finally got across the street to the garden and he wanted to go find flowers.  We started at the very first trail which is at the bottom of a set of stone stairs.  That might have been my first mistake.  Due to a number of injuries and surgeries, I am not good with stairs.  However, the botanical garden is on a number of different terraced levels so we had to use the stairs.  My back was already aching as we reached the bottom of the stairs.

Leach Botanical Garden

Leach Botanical Garden

Anderson was loving it because we got to stop halfway down the stairs to look at a huge spider and its web that he spotted up above us in the tree branches.  I tried to photograph it but it was up against the sun so I couldn’t get a picture but we stood and watched the spider moving about the web for a bit.  Then we went ahead and got to the bottom of the stairs where we could take one trail across the bridge which goes over Johnson Creek or we could go to the left and look at trees and plants and the creek.  I let Anderson choose and he wanted to go to the left “first” and come back to go across the river.  So off we went, stopping at every sign/label we came to so I could
“read the words”.  He loves having the names of plants read to him then he races off to the next sign!


We didn’t get very far before this grandma was in great pain.   Luckily, there was a small bench so I sat down and Anderson buzzed around pointing at things and jabbering away.  He didn’t let me rest long before he started running up the stairs.  These stairs led back to the main level, which at this point was an extra level up from where we first went down, meaning two sets of steep stairs.  I almost did not make it all the way up.  I had to stop for a minute before continuing up the steps.

Tree Top View

Tree Top View

Luckily, there was another bench at the top so I sat even though Anderson could not understand why I had to sit down again but he does understand when I say my back hurts and he tries to help but out there there was nothing he could do to help but sit and wait with me.  I pointed out bird feeders, a nest, and some other things he liked and then he spotted “a little house” that he wanted to explore.  When I was able to, we walked back there to find that it was the storage building for reception supplies.  He found a waterfalls/fountain and then we went around the building where he found a gift shop.


When we came out of the gift shop, he found a house and wondered who lived in it (it was a stone Japanese sculpture).  He wanted to go up to one of the top levels but there was no way I would make it up there or more importantly, back down.  There is also no cell reception up there so if we got stuck up there, I would not be able to call anyone for help and the grounds were completely isolated.  We did not run into anyone else except in the gift shop in the whole hour we were there so I was not going to take the chance of getting stuck up there!


So we started back to the car and of course, he had to spend time looking over the bridge into the water again before we could get in the car and head home so his Nana could recuperate!

I didn’t post my Walktober for the sharing on Robin’s blog because I felt it didn’t qualify as an October walk and I didn’t like the pictures but then I figured, better late than never!

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As a mom and a grandmom, I know what most of us know, kids say the darndest things!  I will hear a child say something and I tell myself that I have to remember it.  Of course, I don’t.  I forget things quickly; quicker now as I age.  Recently, while shopping for a different book (one I will tell you about in another post) I spotted one that had me call someone for help to get down off of the top shelf so I could see it.  Yes, I am short.  I can’t reach things on top shelves!

Once I had the book in hand, I opened it to find that it was, in essence, a blank book for recording what grandkids say.  The title is My Quotable Grandkid and it is made by Chronicle Books.  I loved the idea of having a special place to record all the little gems that my grandsons say (well, only one of the two talks right now but I’m sure the other will start yaking any time now).  I had to have it.

So now, I record, or try to remember to record, a lot of the cutesy things or the smart things or even the sad things that my grandson says.  Like this one:

June 26, 2014

Anderson asked for a sleep over at Nana’s house so I said that was fine.  I went over to get him and helped him get dressed and get a pj.  He had picked out one of his Batman tshirts.  When I was strapping him into his carseat, he said, “Nana, you got a Batman shirt at home?”  I answered that I did.  He said, “When we get to your house, can you put your Batman shirt on, Nana?” There was a short pause the he added, “So we can be twins.”   Of course, when I got home with him, I went straight to the bedroom and looked through drawers and found my Batman shirt and put it on.  I came out to the living room where he was sitting on the couch watching a video.  He looked up and saw my shirt and smiled saying, “Yay nana, now we are twins.”  And he pulled me down to sit next to him on the couch.


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