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On one of our Melbourne days, we headed over to the Queen Victoria Market, which is not open every day so we were glad to catch it on an open day.  The market is a huge area, right in the middle of the city, where one can find small temporary shops selling anything from boomerangs to totebags to veggies and fruits.  You can also find inside a covered and permanent area, several delis, chocolate shops, bakeries, cheese stores, and almost anything you’d like to eat or drink while shopping.

It was a wonderful experience.  We shopped and before leaving we each found some delicious “take away” food, some tropical smoothies, a table to sit at, and then we headed for the bakery for a cookie for each of us.  We could have gone back another day but because of our trip’s timing and the market’s hours of business, we were not able to.

Below you’ll find photos of the front of the market place from two different entrances, a shot of kangaroo meat at the meat shop, stacks of chocolate, and colorful artwork!


Queen Victoria Market entrance


Another entrance to Queen Victoria Market


Kangaroo Meat (sign says Peppered Roo)


Stacks of Chocolate!




Aboriginal art work for sale at Queen Victoria Market

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