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I carry candy in my purse. That’s because I’m a nana that uses it to treat her boys. They know there is always candy in there. The little one, Spencer, just goes straight into my purse to get it out himself. Sometimes he brings the whole purse to me so I can find him some candy (messy purse) but sometimes he just spots it and grabs it.

Lately, we’ve been having a lot of “no” moments when his mom and I both say no to candy because the boys are about to eat or already had too much sugar or something like that. That’s not what they expect to hear from me but they are getting it more often.

The other day, my daughter had to run an errand so I stayed with the boys. She was in the driveway for a bit, putting things into her trunk. Spencer asked for Mom and I told him she was gone. He looked through the window and pointed out there and showed me that Mom was still there. He kept running back and forth to the window and saying “Mom.” I thought he was asking for her so I just kept repeating that Mom was gone and would be back in a while. Then, I heard her car leave the driveway and he ran to the window. He saw her leave and, with a huge smile, ran straight for my purse and brought it to me saying “pop pop” (lollipop). I had to smile. He knew I was more likely to let him have it when his mom was gone so he waited for her to leave then scored his pop pop!

Join us for Trent’s #WeeklySmile. Come smile with us.

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