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I was recently made award of a newish wri-mo event. Not NaNoWriMo this time. February is International Correspondence Writing Month or INCOWRIMO. So for the month of February, the idea is to write at least one letter, postcard, or other correspondence and mail it, each day. So now I am hooked! I will be writing letters and postcards and some valentine cards this month, every day. I have a list of people to write to but I haven’t counted them. If you would like to receive a piece of mail from me, let me know in the comments then I will email you for the address. Do not post your address here, please.

If you want more info on the month long event, click on the link above. All the info is there, including a place to enter your address if you want mail (please note that it is a public document so you might not want to post the address there) and there is also an address book with hundreds of people that would like mail if you want to participate. There are also a number of sites with videos and tutorials on good old fashioned letter writing. Check below for a couple of links. You might even get a pen pal out of this, if you wish to continue after February. Also, remember that you can write Valentine cards to people and that will count! Have fun with this! I challenge you!

So now, keep me honest. Bug me. Ask me if I am up to date with my letter writing this month!


The Power Of the Letter (Ted Talk)


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It has been one of those days where by this time I want to sit with a glass of wine but it’s only 5:30 here in Oregon and, while many do drink that early, I don’t drink until the end of the day when I know I am not going any place, unless it’s a special occasion and or I’m out for a special dinner. Besides, it has been a day that would make me have more than just one glass of wine and I only really have one glass when I do have some.

So if I can’t share some wine with you, I’ll share some whine! 🙂  Today it’s about driving and drivers who shouldn’t. In the past couple of days I’ve come across so many “iffy” drivers that it has just about driven me to have a lot more than one glass of that wine I spoke about! First, it’s raining every day here and it rains at least nine months out of the year here so why can’t people put their lights on when they are driving and it’s raining and they have to have their wipers on? I think it is state law in almost every one of the fifty states in the U.S. that you must drive with your headlights on when weather conditions require you to use your windshield wipers. That means that if it is drizzly enough to need your wipers, even on the intermittent setting, you must turn on your headlights! And if it is full on raining, as in buckets of cats and dogs, you definitely need to driving with your headlights on. I know it’s daylight but it is not so that the driver can see the road better. It’s so that OTHER drivers can see YOU! So they don’t hit you with their car! So you don’t die in a car crash! So you are not responsible for causing any wrecks!  Come on, it is not that difficult to remember! Ugh! At least three times in the last two days I have not seen a car coming until the last possible moment before pulling out in front of them because it has been pouring and they are speeding along without their headlights on. Well, I have more whining to do about “iffy” drivers but I’ll save it for a non rainy day!

What more can I tell you? Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram might remember that Maya is turning one in a couple of weeks and we are having her first birthday party decorated with pink flamingos! It’s difficult to find anything with flamingos on it in the Pacific Northwest in January. I don’t know why; I think flamingos are apropos anytime of year! 😉  Luckily, my daughter mentioned in one of her Facebook groups that she was searching for flamingo décor and a friend of a friend put her in touch with a woman who owns a business that “flocks flamingos” and she had everything we needed for the party, except the pinata. And this said lady used to have a birthday party business but no longer does so she let us have everything for about twenty-five percent of cost so we got a bargain! For a kind of not so great day, this was the saving grace of the day!

That brings me to “flocking flamingos.” Have you heard of it? It’s a thing. The idea is that people pay to gift a flock of flamingos to a person. Sort of like the idea of sending a singing telegram. You pay someone to do it and they go to the house, preferably when the recipient is at work or school or otherwise engaged away from home, and they set up a flock of pink plastic flamingos in the yard. A flock, in most cases, being at least a couple of dozen. They are set up and remain for a specified period of time (usually two or three days) then they are picked up and the yard is once again flamingo-less. Now if there is a  special occasion or holiday coming up, you can have the flamingos “dressed” with ties for Father’s Day, roses for Mother’s Day, Santa hats for Christmas, etc. They do all sorts of costumes for the flamingos to go along with weddings, baby showers, birthdays, retirements, etc. It’s a neat idea and the lady that owns this business actually needs people do it out in my area so my daughter and I are thinking we might want to do it together. It might be fun!

So that’s my whine, wine, and more for today. What do you have to w(h)ine about? Please do tell! I think I might make this one of the things I do regularly on this blog. I kind of like it!

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Nerd In the Brain is currently running a Go Play challenge.  Yeah, play…PLAY!  How many of us take the time to do that these days?  I know I rarely do, except for playing a gazillion games of Word With Friends (which is an acceptable activity for Go Play by the way), that is.  In her current Go Play challenge, you will find challenges such as: go on a hike; visit a museum and pose with something interesting; take pictures of as many animals as you can in one day; visit a garden; visit the nearest body of water; play any game; ride a swing; go on a picnic; wear a costume; pose with a dinosaur; visit a new park.  Sound like fun?  You can interpret the challenges just about any way you wish.  There are a lot of other challenges right now.  I think the number is over 120 currently.  There really is something for everyone!  This Go Play challenge runs through mid November and this month, Diana at Part Time Monster is collaborating with Nerd’s Go Play challenge by adding 31 October themed challenges.  And Alli over at Eclectic Alli added history to the mix last month when she added some Go Learn challenges.  All of the challenges count toward Nerd In the Brain’s challenges. Even if you don’t join (it’s not too late to join), take a look at the challenges and pick a few to do.  I’m sure you will have as much fun as I have been having. Go Play challenge.  I think I’ve done abut 120?  Not sure. I haven’t checked the rankings page in a couple of days.  Oh, by the way, you can do the challenges more than once.  So each time you complete a puzzle, you can claim that challenge; each time you take a hike you can claim the challenge.

It really is fun and who can’t use that?  When was the last time you jumped in a puddle?  Played in the rain?  Danced? Went to a street fair or market?  Played catch?  Watched a scary movie? Built a Halloween playlist?  Yup, all challenges.

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Do I Dare?

In light of Anderson’s curiosity, I’m wondering if I should give him what I made for him.  At first thought, it was a good idea but now I’m thinking maybe not.

When my kids were growing up, they had these wands filled with liquid and glitter and little, tiny “things” inside that would float inside the clear wand.  The idea was that the kids had to find all the little things inside.  They loved doing it and it was a great quiet activity that could be used in the car or in a waiting room, or any place else.  I decided that I would go along those lines and make an I Spy type of game for Anderson.  I got a clear plastic container and filled it with white rice (uncooked) and then hid all sorts of little things inside of the rice.  There is a toy soldier, a ring, Sesame Street character stickers, a toy dinosaur, bright buttons in different colors and shapes, a shiny penny,  a marble, etc., etc.  I’ve sealed the whole thing with a hot glue gun.  He will be able to hold the container and tilt and turn it to find the different objects in there.  It’s an activity he can do alone or with help.

However, I’m wondering if the glue will hold.  He’s a strong little boy and can open water jugs, soda bottles, and all sorts of things that I can’t even open so I’m wondering if he’ll find a way to turn and twist the lid until the glue gives.  If he does, we’ll have rice all over and who knows where or when that will happen.  Hhmmm.  I guess I’ll have to take the chance and just watch him closely the first day.  I’ll have to keep checking the seal, too!

Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know if Mr. Destructo manages to make a big rice mess!

I Spy jar I made for Anderson.

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