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This morning, as I was wondering what I could share for Trent’s Weekly Smile blog hop, I thought I would have to wait a day or two until something good happened to smile about. It has been that kind of week.

I was over at my daughter’s house, watching the boys (they were asleep, they’re sick again), Frida jumped up and started rubbing against me. THAT made me smile! Some of you might remember that I got a new cat, Frida, last August. In November I realized that the reason I never seemed to be free of congestion and sneezing was because of Frida’s long coat of hair! I wanted to find a home for her so I kept her until I could find a place for her. Then last week, when I was in Seattle, my daughter came to my house to check on the kitty and Frida would not let her walk away from her. She would follow her and bump her head against her and “talk” to her. So my daughter got the cat carrier and took her home with her. Now she lives there with the other cats at my daughter’s house. She has fit right in and I am no longer congested or sneezing constantly. So when she came up and cuddled with me, it made me smile. I hadn’t seen her since I left to Seattle two weeks ago and I thought she might either be mad at me or have forgotten me. But no! She isn’t and hasn’t!



What has made you smile this week? Why not tell us about it? Check out the #WeeklySmile and join us!

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