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As my parents drove away, I felt the lump in my throat. This is what I had wanted but it was still scary. I was on my own. What if I failed? I couldn’t go back home. What would I do? I looked at the ancient buildings that had been a sanctuary of learning for a hundred years. I would be walking the same halls as presidents had walked. Could I do this? The self-doubt grew inside of me.

I breathed in deeply then let it out slowly, releasing the doubts. No time for that. I had things to learn!

Word Count: 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky“.

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This week’s Micro Monday prompt to be used word for word, is “but there was a criminal.” The length for this week is thirty-three words. You can find the scoop here

Melanie realized that not only had it not been an accident, but there was a criminal out there. He couldn’t go free. She was going to find him. This was her mission now.

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The smile on her face could not hide the excitement inside of her. She was racing three hundred miles to see him. She had talked to him and written to him but she had not seen him in almost thirty years. They had reunited online…through and email he had written to her. And just like that, their relationship was off and running.

This long weekend would be perfect. Her kids were with their father, visiting his parents. She had spent the holiday with family but all her obligations were over and the rest of the weekend belong to her…and to him…to them. They had both written a variety of scenarios for this meeting and shared them with each other. If the weekend turned out anything like those scenarios, it was bound to be the most perfect weekend.

The closer she got, the wider the smile. And when she checked into the motel room she had reserved for herself, she couldn’t contain herself. She knew she would have to wait until he arrived and it would be hours but the wait would be so worthwhile. As she entered the room, full of expectations, her body buzzed with excitement.

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I have participated in Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors blog hop a few times and I’ve enjoyed it.  Today I don’t have the most interesting of doors but I’ve  decided to post it anyway, along with a bit of flash fiction.  I hope you enjoy it.

beach house doors

I looked at that closed door in front of me. That’s just what it was. It was no longer the entry to my home, a home I had shared with the family that made me want to get up every morning and the family that kept me going through the long days. How had I lost it all? It seemed impossible to think that I was all alone now. They were gone. It was my fault. Had I not been in the hospital they would still be here and I would be gone. Without that surgery, I would be gone. The irony. I consented to the surgery for them; to go on with them. And when they went to see me… The police had called it an accident but was it? Really? A 92 year old man still driving? That was a crime, not an accident!


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He watched her come and go throughout the week.  Just her and the children.  He was used to entire families coming in but in this case, it was the wife for everything, even late at night.  He hadn’t even seen the husband except for the outline of one sitting in the driver’s seat of the car.  He usually got to know the families that stayed at the resort next door for a week or two but this family was different.  There was some kind of strain behind the, friendly eyes and the beautiful smile.  What could it be, he wondered.

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As Mona ties the last of the boxes that will be shipped the next day, a picture flashes into her mind.  It’s a picture that brings a smile to her tired face and old memories into her mind.  Her little girl, years ago, barely three runs to her mommy putting her arms around her neck.  “It’s okay Mommy.  Don’t cry.  I’m here.  I won’t leave you.  I’ll take care of you Mommy. I promise.”  It had been such a big promise for a little girl, but she had kept it.  Daisy had taken care of Mona even when she had not known she was helping her mommy just by needing her.  It had force Mona to stay on track, focused and strong.

Mona and Daisy had gotten through many difficult times and many more good times.  Mona’s pride in her daughter’s success could never fit in to a box or even a dozen boxes.  Her baby wouldn’t be here with her anymore; not physically.  But that was okay.  Mona’s little girl was getting her own chance to build her life.  She would be far away but not really.  Daisy would always be a part of Mona.

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