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A Little Magic

We had been out bowling all evening.  It was my two girls and me along with my friend Lori and her daughter Abby. We were visiting Indiana from California.  It was our second night there.  We had so much fun bowling that we had played extra games so it was very dark out as we turned into Lori’s driveway.

That’s when I saw all the little lights sparkling like glitter.  At first, they startled me for just a fraction of a second then I thought maybe Lori had some kind of solar lights that sparkled in midair like that.  I must have gasped because Lori looked over at me and asked what was wrong.  I pointed to the lights in her driveway and asked what they were.

“What lights?  You mean the fireflies?”

I was confused for just a bit.  Was she pulling my leg?

Incredulous, I asked, “Fireflies?”

“Yes.  Just plain old fireflies.”  Lori drove on and the lights disappeared.

That’s when I realized she was serious.  Fireflies were real?  They must be. I had always thought they were make believe. I had never seen them, except on that pirate ride at Disneyland where everything is make believe. She had called them plain old fireflies but there was nothing plain about them to me.

We got out of the car and the fireflies were gone.  I wanted them back.  I wanted the magic.  We stayed out for a bit, looking for the fireflies.  We could see them in the distance but as we got close to them, the magic would disappear.

That trip was kind of a bust as we had gone out for a wedding that was cancelled at the last minute but what made it all worthwhile was seeing the magic.  I don’t know if I will ever see fireflies again but I hope I do.  I need that sparkle.  I need their magic.

What magic have you seen?  What is magical to you?

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