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Nanowrimo is fast approaching and I don’t have names for my main character. Help! I need both first and last names for a young man (teen ager) that is half Italian. I wanted something like Jake but is Jacob an Italian name? A good one? I guess it could be because he’s only half Italian. Oh, his family is in the mob, if that makes a difference. I don’t know. (But if you know, leave me suggestions in the comments below.)

I also need a name for his love interest who we will see only briefly at the beginning of the novel and then will disappear til the end. She may not be Italian but she could be.

I’m not really doing any preparation for this year’s novel. In previous years I know my characters names and possibly the title or a good working title. I’ve also known where my novel is going although I’ve not really known exactly how I’m going to get there. This year is different because I know only the very beginning but have no idea what I am going to write for the other 45,000 words!

I’m not letting this discourage me. Nanowrimo is a wonderful time to write with no concern for whether you’re writing anything worth writing. It’s a time to dismiss that Inner Critic and let out the child that just wants to play at writing. Play hard. Play true. The Nanowrimo novel just happens after that.

If you’re a first time Nanowrimo-er, take it easy. Don’t over plan. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have an outline. In fact, if you have one, put it away. Consult it only if you are absolutely stuck. Let your novel happen. It will just sort of write itself through you. I never actually believed this when I read it before my first time participating but it’s true. It just sort of happens.

Okay, back to prepping for my novel. I’ve been watching mob related movies. I love them and it’s a perfect excuse to sit and watch my favorite movie, The Godfather, and the sequels. I’m actually debating what I should use as a writing prop this year. Many people use a writer’s hat or a special coffee mug or in one instance that I know, a pipe. I’m wondering if I should get a replica gun?

Nah. I’ll leave the gun and grab some cannoli!

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