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photo by Sarah Potter

Susie headed toward the door. She had allowed just the right time to run across the street and through the yards five blocks down to her house. She would climb up the tree and into her bedroom window with just enough time to get into her nightgown before her mother came in to wake her. Susie always had perfect timing.

Opening the door of her boyfriend’s apartment building, Susie couldn’t believe her eyes! It couldn’t be. It hadn’t been in the forecast. Now her secret outings would be uncovered.

If the snow didn’t, her mother was going to kill her!

100 Words, Fiction


#FridayFictioneers is a weekly blog link-up hosted by Rochelle and dedicated to 100 word stories to go along with a photo prompt. Check it out and give it a try!


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Expectations, Part 3

As she stood just outside the motel door, she thought about the last time she had seen him when they had both been seventeen. His family was moving away. He came in on the last day and got his things and left. He had looked at her for a long time and, turning is head, had said goodbye to her and walked away. Now, all these years later, he was coming toward her, not away from her and she was there to meet him. She wasn’t sure if she would even recognize him. The car drove up and she was sure, yet not, that it was him. Once he stepped out of the car with a big smile on his face, and began to walk toward her, she knew it was him. He had a distinctive gait and this was it, coming toward her. They embraced quickly and headed to the room.

They talked. He asked her a lot of questions and asked her to read to him from some of her journal. She did so willingly and yet, as she did it, she got the feeling that she was performing for him. He sat on the bed and watched her in a sort of detached way. It made her feel as if he was sitting outside a glass wall watching her; not participating; just observing. It was a little creepy but it was all she had.

After a while, they went for a walk down the street for sodas. Just a walk. A special walk. He took her hand as they walked and that was special to her. Never in her life had she had a man take her hand as they walked; not even the man she had been married to for so many years. This was was full of promises for tomorrow and regrets of the past.

That was the most special thing that night; a special walk, holding hands in the brisk November night.

There was a slow down in the talk as the time for him to leave arrived. All in all, they had spent about five hours together. Not a lot but so much more time than they had spent together in the past. She asked if she would see him again the next day. It was only Friday and she had the room through Sunday afternoon. He said he wasn’t sure but he would call her and let her know.

When he left the room after a long embrace, she couldn’t walk him out. She had that memory of him walking away from her all those years before. She didn’t want to watch him walk away from her again. That couldn’t be the last thing she remembered of him.

The door closed, and she listened to his steps as he walked away.

I think this is the last part. There’s more but I think I’ll write those bits and pieces as another series of short clips.

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Expectations, Part 2

She was nervous. She was anxious. Another look at the clock and she realized it would be at least another six hours before she heard from him. She looked at the little map next to the phone and found an area a few blocks away where she might be able to shop and get some coffee. She knew she would be better off killing time there than in the room.

The bookstore yielded a new deck of Tarot cards on clearance, and appropriately enough, it was the Tarot of Love! She bought a new writing journal and headed for the coffee shop to get some coffee. A quick look at her watch and she figured she would head back to the motel and take a long relaxing bath before dressing for his arrival.

Before long, his call came saying he would be another hour or so but he’d call her when he was on his way. She dressed and tried to relax. She had brought beer and a few snacks but she didn’t know what the plan was and didn’t want to ruin anything. She laughed at herself when she thought about how she had called the motel to make sure they gave her a room that had a couch. Not just a bed, chair, and desk. She specifically told them she was expecting friends and didn’t want the bed to be the only place to sit on. Silly maybe but she really didn’t know what to expect.

The phone rang and he said he was on his way. It would only take less than ten minutes. Would she wait for him outside? She told him which driveway to take and that she would be waiting outside. Taking a big breath and checking her hair in the mirror, she headed outside.

The stage was set.

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The smile on her face could not hide the excitement inside of her. She was racing three hundred miles to see him. She had talked to him and written to him but she had not seen him in almost thirty years. They had reunited online…through and email he had written to her. And just like that, their relationship was off and running.

This long weekend would be perfect. Her kids were with their father, visiting his parents. She had spent the holiday with family but all her obligations were over and the rest of the weekend belong to her…and to him…to them. They had both written a variety of scenarios for this meeting and shared them with each other. If the weekend turned out anything like those scenarios, it was bound to be the most perfect weekend.

The closer she got, the wider the smile. And when she checked into the motel room she had reserved for herself, she couldn’t contain herself. She knew she would have to wait until he arrived and it would be hours but the wait would be so worthwhile. As she entered the room, full of expectations, her body buzzed with excitement.

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Yesterday I mentioned that I am going to write a minimum of 100 fiction words each day this month in an effort to get back to fiction writing. Here’s the first installment, written late night on January 1. I won’t always share them but, as it’s the beginning one, I’m sharing this one. It’s 108 words so it fits the minimum.


She stood above the desk staring at the blank piece of paper. It was at an angle, as if someone had been about to write something. Who could it have been and to whom was this bit of writing for? What was going to be written? Was it business or was it personal and did it have any connection to her job here? Like any good detective, she was filled with more questions than answers. She took one last look at the desk and everything on it before returning to the adjoining office where the body lay waiting for the CSI team to finish their work.

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It’s the day after the snow day. A lot of people are still home from work and school as the roads are icy. I’m sitting at home, nice and warm. I left the house for about twenty minutes to get some food my daughter picked up for me. Yay for food!

Otherwise, I am looking online for ideas for inexpensive but useful groups for the adults I need to get things for. I also order two things for the youngest grandbaby. I have the kids’ gifts ordered or already in my possession so if I don’t get anything else, that’s fine, I’ve got the babies covered!

I also wrote a new Christmas story. This one is a short flash piece (under 800 words). It’s for a guest blog post later this month. It’s fiction. It feels good to sit and write something new. That’s twice this month, both for other bloggers. I’m going to try to come up with something else later today…maybe for MY blog this time!

Are you finished with your shopping? Who is the most difficult person to get a gift for? I’d love to hear!


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This story, fiction at that, is a result of the one word prompt found at oneword.com.

I couldn’t believe it. What had been a well planned getaway had turned into a nightmare. First i had not been able to sleep the night before my trip then, sleep deprived as I was, I stopped for coffee and as I took my first sip, I scalded my mouth and it blistered right away. I ended up having to spit the hot coffee all over myself. Then I jumped on the freeway only to find that there was an accident and then I got a flat tire. No way! I had just had them checked a few days before but sure enough, it was flat. I had to wait  auto club to come rescue me and by then it had started to rain and the traffic was all backed up.

When the tow arrived, they couldn’t change the tire because the spare tire I had wasn’t good enough so they ended up having to tow my car into the tire shop and I had to buy a new tire. Just what I didn’t need as my funds were quite low!

Once the tire was fixed I ended back on the freeway behind that accident. I found an alternate route, courtesy of my cell phone’s GPS, only to discover five minutes late that it was not an acceptable alternate route.

By the time I got it all sorted out, I had to deal with a torrential downpour and a multitude of accidents caused primarily by the bad weather.

When it was all over, I just wanted to go back  home. Forget about that condo at the beach which I was supposed to stay at. Forget the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean that I would be missing. Forget the delicious Margaritas at Don Francisco’s where I had planned to enjoy my favorite beverage with an order of pollo en mole. I just wanted to go home.

So much for that careful planning.

Oneword.com gives you a single word as a writing prompt and then they time you to sixty minutes. What you put into it is what you get out. Give it a try!

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