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One of my friends, when I lived in the Los Angeles area, was Italian. Agnes lived near me. She worked as a Teacher’s Aide in the elementary school where my kids attended and later she worked in the attendance office at the high school where my two older kids attended.

When I got divorced, she became one of my best friends and I spent much of the time when my kids were at their dad’s at Agnes’ house.

The kids knew her well and liked her. We sort of became an extension of her family. They all knew us, my kids and me. We spent many holidays with them.

One of the years when I was alone for New Year’s Eve, she invited me over to her house to watch a movie then celebrate the new year with her and her family. I did go and had a blast. She made deliciously authentic Italian food and the house was full of people and noise and laughter.

The following year, the kids were with me and we were all invited to spend the evening with them. We went. The kids loved it. It was better than being at our house with just the four of us and it was better than being at their dad’s house.

One of the customs that Agnes’ family shared with us, and I believe it’s an Italian custom, is to eat lentils at midnight. They are said to bring good luck and money during the new year, but Agnes warned that we had to eat them right away, right at midnight.

My kids had never eaten lentils before that night but now they ask me on New Year’s Eve if I have my lentils ready for midnight!

I miss Agnes and her family. I haven’t seen them in years. I think a phone call is in order.

(Get your lentils ready by midnight! It’s a chance none of us can afford to miss! 🙂 )

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