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I’m not a very religious person. I’ve mentioned it before. However, as I get older, I see how faith in a higher power can work wonders. Time and time again I have seen friends and family deal with the death of loved ones in many ways but it is those that have a deep faith in god or in a supreme being, that are able to handle it better; and those with faith believe in medical miracles and in the power of prayer.

I’ve also found myself looking for faith. I know I already have it. But I want more of it. I know that I have to trust that things will be okay in my life. I have to have faith that everything will work out. I know I do. When I had my surgery last April, I didn’t know if I would make it through or what the doctors would find but I had to trust a higher being, a supreme being, that it would be okay and work out for the best.

Some of my older readers might remember a post about something that happened before my surgery. That incident gave me the faith and the trust that all would be okay; that whatever was supposed to happen during that surgery would happen.

I also know that these days, I am more at peace with things. I think that  I am more confident in the future because I have this faith. I wish I had more. I won’t be artificial about it. If I feel it, great. I won’t pretend. I feel it more and more these days. It’s a wonderful feeling…peace.

I wish everyone could feel that. At some point in your life, I hope that you will find the faith that is needed for that inner peace.


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One day last week, I noticed that the glow in the dark skeleton that I had hung from one corner of the carport was gone. My heart sank. I haven’t lived here very long; only since August. I wondered before putting up that skeleton if it was safe to do so here. I’ve felt safe here. It’s a quiet community, tucked away from most passersby. Would the skeleton disappear I had wondered. I had seen a dozen or so teenagers hanging around. They play basketball out in the street. I had seen them often as I headed out toward the highway. Everything had been safe here while I was moving. I had left windows open to air out the house when I had gone back and forth to and from California. Nothing ever seemed to be wrong during my absences so I had assumed it was okay.

The missing skeleton came from the Dollar Tree so moneywise it wasn’t a big deal. I hunt it on the corner of the carport nearest the street. I figured if it did disappear, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, on that one morning when I noticed it was gone and checked all the windows to see if I could see it somewhere in the front yard or in the driveway, I was truly upset. I knew it had been hanging out there at four o’clock in the morning when I heard a noise and got up to investigate. I have a motion-sensor on my light outside and it stays on all night so anytime there is any kind of movement anywhere near the driveway, the light goes on, yet someone had come into my yard and take something that didn’t belong to them. What nerve. I got mad. How dare anyone come into my yard and take something that didn’t belong to them?!

The worst part is that it made me doubt myself. Had I not done my homework when I picked this area, this neighborhood to move to? Had my judgment been off? Now I would have to live with my decision, even if it proved to not be a safe place for me. I had a dull ache in my heart.

I didn’t go out that day until quite late. I didn’t have the heart to face the world in the mood I was in. Finally, when it was dark, I had to go out and run some errands. I went outside and locked the door behind me. When I got down the steps to the driveway, I noticed a soft glow to my right. There it was! My skeleton. It was wedged up against the rear passenger side tire of my car. Apparently, the wind had blown it down. I hadn’t even heard the wind inside the house. I didn’t know it had been windy but apparently it had been because I also found a couple of small plants in the driveway. I had bought them and hadn’t potted them into heavy pots yet so they got tossed around in the wind.

I cannot tell you how I felt upon finding that silly dollar store skeleton! It restored my faith in the area I had moved to. More than that, it restored my faith in myself; in my ability to make good judgments and good choices! I felt safe again.

As I picked up that skeleton, my face glowed.

All was once again right in my own little corner of the world.

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