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Sometimes, you read a wonderful book and regardless of how great a review you write about it, you cannot really tell anyone how worthy theĀ  book is. That happens to me often. You? Has that happened to you?

Here are some excerpts of a book I read recently. Maybe they can give you an idea of how good this one is.

“And he was tired. In the end, that’s what everything came down to, the reason for every problem that tangled his life — the simple weariness of trying to fix things that were broken.”

“Barney Moore called out for the God of Blessing, and the God of Cruelty answered.”

“(She put something in me, he thought, and then he thought, No, she took something out)”

“…people don’t weep because they’re weak, but because they’ve been strong for too long.”

“Only its eyes remained steady and unchanged–deep pools of blue that penetrated Reggie’s heart into even his darkest places and yet loved him still.”

“They came, if for no other reason than to remind themselves that they had stood up when they wanted to like down and believed when all that was scattered before them called for doubt. They came to sing and dance and break bread not in spite of their bent hearts.”

“Sometimes you think a story’s ended, but really it hasn’t, and all you have to do is turn the page.”

From When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey.



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