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I should have done this before but I didn’t know I would need it.  While working on my NaNoWriMo project, I ended up with a character that I needed to give a back story to and what just came out as right for this character was to make her an alcoholic, a sober alcoholic in recovery for about 8 years.  So I ended up doing some research, not that I don’t know about alcoholics but I wanted the character’s back story to come through her own words at an AA meeting.  I’ve been streaming some movies and docuentaries about women alcoholics and reading blogs about them and by them.

It’s not pretty.  Alcoholism is not pretty for anyone but for women, it’s so much worse than for men.  Medically and scientifically speaking, women’s bodies cannot withstand the abuse that alcoholism leaves on the body as long as or as well as men can.  Then there is the stigma of alcoholism which is worse for women than for men, at least in our society.  It’s not ladylike to drink to excess.  It’s not motherly to drink to excess.  That’s what Society thinks and what makes Society react more strongly when they encounter a female alcholic.

In any case, I find the research riveting and the facts both enlightening and depressing.  I’ve sort of sunken into it and haven’t written but now that I am about three days behind in my writing, I guess I had better get moving on the writing and maybe come back to the research at a later point.

If you know anyone in recovery, point them to emilyism.com, a blog started by Emily, a recovering alcholic.  She has regularly scheduled posts and has kept her blog going since 2007.  Every entry is about some aspect of recovery.  If someone stops in to read it, there is no need to comment or identify themself.  Just be there and read.

Okay, back to the last documentary I will watch before I start writing on my Nano project!

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