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It’s Sunday. It’s hot outside (and inside because it never cooled off in here after yesterday’s heat) I don’t want to think too much. However, when my hand brushed against my chin, I realized the three or so hairs there had grown and needed to be trimmed. Yes, embarrassing, I know. They are very fine and I don’t see them when I look in the mirror (mostly because I am half blind). It reminded me of when my youngest daughter and I were the only ones left at home. She was home schooled and we “did stuff” daily. It never failed that we would be out in public some place, far from home, and she would smile and say, “Mommy you have a chinny hair!” I would roll my eyes and wonder why she hadn’t told me about it before we left the house, or the car. And most of the time, I would get back home and forget to trim them and we would go through that all over again!

Now this chinny hair thing always reminds me of a brilliant poem that I first read in college, many moons ago. It was in my Chicano Poetry class and it was called A Moco Pome. It was written by the late poet, artist, and teacher, Jose’ Montoya. He later came to our classroom and read for us. And even later, I developed a bit of a friendship with him through email when I was editor of Con Safos magazine in the 90’s. He and I read our work at the same reading once, too! In any case, the Moco Pome is brilliant because it is a play on words and also something we can all identify with, all while taking on the appearance of being insignificant and simple.

A “moco” is a booger. A pome, while being a strange spelling for poem, is also a play on the word “pommes” which is French for apple. Now think back at what children (and others although I’m not naming names 😉 ) do with their boogers when not being watched…they play with them and roll them into a ball shape (or an apple shape, if you will). So with that in mind, and the additional translation of the Spanish word “bigote” (mustache) and memories of my chinny hairs, I share with you Jose’ Montoya’s…

A Moco Pome

And if you see
A moco on my
Bigote –

Don’t suffer
My shame and
Don’t punish
Me with silence…

Tell me about it!

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I haven’t seen a movie in a while.  There were several I wanted to see this year but I didn’t get to.  I don’t go to the movie theater alone so if there is no one to go with me, I don’t go.  Some years I don’t go at all.  This year I was lucky to go twice; once when my sister was in town (we saw My Sister’s Keeper) and once when my niece and nephew were here (we saw The Proposal).  I wanted to see Julie & Julia and The Time Traveler’s Wife and more recently, Where the Wild Things Are (because I remember reading the book to my kids over and over and over again).  No luck.  No one to go with.

The one and only time I have gone by myself was many years ago when the movie, Ransom (1996) was showing.  I had seen previews and it had been recommended by friends but I didn’t have anyone to go with and I had three kids at home so it would have been difficult to go without them.  One night, when they were at their father’s for their Wednesday night sleep over, I decided to go to see the movie.  My thinking was that if I went on a Wednesday, there would be fewer people there and I could easily find a seat without having to sit next to strangers.  So I found the theater that was showing it for a late night show and prepared to go.

Preparing to go involved taking my own snacks in a huge purse.  I knew the theater did not allow outside food or drink but I wasn’t going to pay the exorbitant price of the ticket and snack and beverage so I packed some M&M (my downfall), Sour Patch Kids, and a can of Diet Coke.  I should have gotten a plastic bottle but those were more expensive so I grabbed a can out of my fridge before I left.  I was careful not to put it in my purse too soon so it wouldn’t get jostled so it would not squirt all over when I opened it inside the theater.  So once in the door, I headed for the theater where it was screening and found a seat in the last row.  I sat there all alone.  There were probably only 20 people in the theater that night and they all chose to sit in the front half of the room.  I sat in the back and waited for the lights to go out before I took out my snacks and my soda can.

Previews went on and on and were finally over.  I reached in my purse and got ready to pull the tab off the can of soda but I waited with my hand on the pull tab until the music was really loud, figuring no one would hear me.  It worked.  No one was aware of me opening my Diet Coke.  I set the can in the drink holder and enjoyed the movie and my smuggled candy.  Then, when there was a particularly quiet and tense scene, I reached for my can of Diet Coke and somehow I knocked it out of the drink holder and it fell on the floor.  Not only did it make a huge noise as it fell on the floor, it also made loud noises as it rolled all the way down to the front (and bottom) of the theater from the very last (and top) row where I was sitting.  Everyone heard it.   Everyone turned to look and I was the only person sitting back there!

I usually wait until all the credits run before I leave the theater but that night, as soon as I was sure it was over, and even before the credits began to roll, I popped out of my seat and headed for the exit!

That was the first and only time I ever went to the theater alone.

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