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Heading Home

Our flight is in about 18 hours.  It has been a fantastic trip but it’s time to go home.  We’ll be in the U.S. on Saturday afternoon but I won’t be home to Portland for a few days as I’ll be staying in he Bay Area to see a new niece, Trinity.  She was born the day I left but was born at 33 weeks so she has been in the hospital.  I think she’ll be home this weekend and I am going to try to see her before I head for home.

I’m tired.  It’s time.  I want my own bed.  I miss my kitty.  I miss Tina and I miss being in the same country as Susie.

Sydney Harbor from Taronga Zoo.

Sydney Harbor from Taronga Zoo.

And I am missing the ripened tomatoes on my plants!

Lots of pictures to come and some observations on traveling and on Australia, all wehn I get home to Portland, midweek.

Last night we stayed overnight at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.  It was super but we didnt’ get much sleep.  More on this later.


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