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He’s two. He’s a little character. Usually, when we go out to eat, he’s either really good as long as he is eating then he starts to get up and wander around the restaurant. Then again, he could be horrible from the time we walk into the restaurant. Often, one of the adults has to leave with him to walk him around until food arrives or until the others are finished eating.

This morning, I was up really early (3:45) and at 7, my daughter texted to say the boys were both awake and she was going to see if she could get the little one back to sleep as 7 is too early for him to be up. Well, at 7:15 she texted again to ask if I wanted to take him to eat because he wasn’t going back to sleep. I agreed. I’ve never taken just him to eat at a sit down restaurant and I’ve been wanting to give it a try so this morning was my chance. I showed up and he was all ready and eager to leave. We went right down the road a mile to the Carver Cafe, where he had never been before. They had just opened and we were the only ones in the place. He was very quiet, looking all around. I took out color pencils and paper and he drew until the food arrived. He ate very well then got up and stood staring at the waitress. By then there were three other people there. He was fascinated by the others but it was clear it was time to go because he looked ready to really wander around. So the experiment was a success.

On the way back, he was really cute. He wanted to hold the box with his leftovers. When we got home he wouldn’t let go of the box except to get his carseat straps off. He was happy to be home and showed his mom his food.

I have a feeling there will be a lot more breakfasts out with him as long as he can behave as he did this morning.

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