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After yesterday’s weekend coffee share post and thinking about my Aunt Joy, my memories started flooding my mind. Just a little bit ago, totally by accident, I came across an old post that brought me a huge smile. So this is a repost of a memoir piece I posted in 2008. I hope you smile with me.

One year on Easter, when I was about eight years old, we went to my Aunt Joy and Uncle Joe’s house for a barbecue in the mid-afternoon.  As we did every year, we took our Easter baskets with us wherever we went, including to their house.  After a while, my aunt told us we should put our baskets in her bedroom so we could play without having to worry about our baskets and all of our stuff falling out.  She took them to her bedroom for us.

Later, we asked our mom if we could have a candy from our baskets and she said we could.  We were good.  We knew from experience that one candy meant ONE candy so we took only one.  I remember thinking that our baskets weren’t as full as they should be but I just took my one candy and went outside, as did my sisters.

We played and we ate and instead of having cake for dessert, we asked if we could have a candy from our baskets and once again, we were told we could.  When we went to my aunt’s room to get our candy, most of our candy was gone.  We hadn’t taken it.  We looked to see if it had fallen out but there was no sign of our candy.  When we went back outside, we told our mom and she said we had probably taken more than one when we were supposed to take only one.  We hadn’t.

Later, when it was time to leave for home, there were no candies left in our baskets.  We hadn’t been inside the house in a long time and there had been candy left in our baskets then.  No one had gone inside, except my aunt.  My mom investigated.  She believed us but she couldn’t very well say my Aunt Joy had taken it.   My mom went outside and told my father that we had eaten all our candy.  My father got mad at us and then my aunt spoke up and said she had taken some of our candy because we had so much.  She liked candy, she said, and she didn’t get any because there were no kids in her house so she had taken “one or two” of our candies from each basket.  There were four of us girls there and all the candy was gone from all of our baskets!  Yup, she had taken “one or two”!

I remind Aunt Joy from time to time and we laugh about it.  When I go to her house for Easter, I take her a basket of her very own candy and we laugh!  I’m going to be near her house today so I’m thinking of putting some of the left over candy in a little basket for her and dropping them off.  I hope she’s there so I can laugh with her!  Who said Easter candy is only for kids?!

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If we were having coffee, I’m afraid you would have to listen to me vent. I’ll try to be short.

Today is Easter Sunday. I grew up Catholic so it’s a big deal for me. Or at least it used to be. Now I just try to keep it alive by observing it…by not letting the day go by unnoticed. Usually that means an egg hunt for the boys, a lunch or dinner out, and maybe the park. Well, the boys’ dad was also raised Christian but has decided he doesn’t want anything religious in his life (of course, Christmas is different because it means gifts for him). He has gone along with things for the past six years. Now, he is very reluctant but he hasn’t said anything…he’s just been rude (to me) and has put up a bunch of obstacles. It’s almost 7:30 PM and we haven’t had our egg hunt or baskets yet. Chris is brooding because he wanted dim sum for lunch but the restaurant was crowded, over an hour wait, so we left. But he wanted dim sum and has made the day unbearable for us all because he didn’t get it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would not force a holiday on anyone if they said they preferred to not observe it. That’s fine. But say something! Don’t just go along with everything then change the rules in the middle of the game! That’s confusing for all of us, especially the boys.

There’s more but this is enough. For now.

I’m currently reading and greatly enjoying The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd (at least I think that’s the name of it) by Holly Kerr. Review to follow this week. That’s about it. No movies or shows. How about you? Have you had the problem/experience of one person in a family not wanting to observe a holiday? How have you dealt with it? Are you reading anything yu can recommend?


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