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50 Things + 10, Part 2

I ended Part One at 13 so here goes some more:

I am happy for these things in my life:

(14) Wine. Yum. Shiraz, Moscato, Tempranillo, Rioja, Chablis. The list goes on.

(15) Toblerone chocolate. Ghiardelli chocolate. Theo Chocolate. Cadbury. Malted Milk Balls!

(16) Beer. Pilsner. Porter. Pale ale. Local beers. Domestic beers. Foreign beers. Yum. Yum. And yum again!

(17) The fresh made pasta my daughter-in-law cooks! It’s delicious and the homemade sauces she makes to go with them, to die for!

(18) Fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast.

(19) Coffee. Lattes, and just plain drip. Love them.

(20) Limoncello that I learned to make this year!

(21) Strawberry infused vodka that is steeping in my refrigerator right now…homemade.

(22) The banana bread that my daughter made just for me!

(23) The birthday cakes…two of them…that I got this year after not getting any for awhile.

(24) Fresh clean water that I learned to drink again this year.

(25) Pumpkin scones that my daughter bought for me…and I am having for a late breakfast.

Okay, that’s part two. Working on part three.

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