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Now that the storm is over, it’s time to go home. That prospect is not one I look forward to. Once I get home, I have to deal with driving through the mobile home park all the way go the back where my house is and none of it is plowed. Then I have go deal with emptying the fridge and dumping the food that spoiled as the power was out there. Of course, I had just filled the fridge and freezer the day before the storm. Then I have to see about getting some food. I don’t go to stores because of Covid. And, I only have EBT and stores are currently taking only cash because many functions are still down. Much of the area is still without power and I hear gas stations are still not able to use their pumps. While my house does have power, it’s mighty cold in there. I have only space heaters and they don’t come back Kim after a power outage still they have been out for about five days.

This will be made even more interesting by the fact that I have great difficulty moving about, even with my quad tip cane. None of these issues is insurmountable. They will just be difficulty and require time, patience, and pain pills. I’m lucky. Some in that area have not had heat, electricity, or running water for four days with a rest oral date estimate of next week!

And there’s another storm developing for late next week.

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