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Tonight we went out to dinner for my birthday.  It isn’t my birthday for two more weeks, however that will be Christmas day and not only are many restaurants closed on Christmas, but Christmas isn’t really a day to go out to dinner, at least not in my book.  Years ago, my daughter signed us both up for all sorts of free deals for our birthdays (her’s is two weeks after Christmas).  So for her birthday we run around during her birth month and she gets free meals, or a free appetizer or a dessert or some other item.  For my birthday, we rarely do it because it’s such a busy month, besides a lot of places exclude the use of the birthday coupon on holidays so even if they are open for Christmas, I would not be able to use my freebie coupon.

So tonight it was a free meal at Benihana.  Great deal because they are not only pricey but a fun place to go to enjoy not only dinner but a show!  The boys love it there and tonight they were both mesmerized by the cooking and what was going on at the grill.  The chef was particularly good and showed the kids some neat tricks.  When we were leaving, the waitresses commented on how big the boys are getting.  We go every January for my daughter’s birthday then again in March for Anderson’s birthday and in October for their dad’s birthday and in December for mine.  So they know the kids there!  That’s important when you’re going out to dinner with the kids.  The staff comes around and takes good care of us and provide distractions for the boys, if needed.

So for the next couple of weeks we’ll try to use up my free meal coupons but I probably won’t get to use most of them because of work schedules.  I don’t like to go eat alone and with the rest of the grownups working different schedules, it makes it harder.  But tonight’s dinner was excellent in all ways.  And they sang to me and treated me extra nice!  Bonus!  I’m not used to that.

Okay, off to plot when I can go collect my free bowl of noodles at Noodles & Company!

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