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I have, all of the sudden, been plagued by migraines. I used to get them all the time but in the past four years, they have been rare. On Monday I got one and it hasn’t left yet. So instead of fixing the posts I have drafted for publication here, I will wait til I am thinking straight and feeling better.

However, I did want to update those of you who have asked about my friend Dean who disappeared in the snow in early January. For those that haven’t followed my blog, the story is here. His body was finally recovered last Friday and the coroner made positive identification on Saturday. So at least he is accounted for. I’m sure it is both settling and unsettling for his family, but at least he has been found.

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What is an everyday hero?We all know one.Many of us are one.An everyday hero is one who acts nobly and charitably, unselfishly, every day, without regard to whether anyone will notice it or not.The everyday hero does this because it’s part of his/her character.They don’t expect praise or payment or even gratitude.They act out of true desire to do what is right.

Last week, while on a trip to the area where I lived for thirty years, I was watching the local news, or rather it was on in the background in the hotel room.The reporter was talking about a man missing in the San Bernardino Mountains, near Big Bear.I registered the headline just slightly then the reporter said the man’s name was Dean Christy and I gasped, my head jerking to see the picture on the TV.There he was.Dean Christy.A man I knew and admired and considered myself lucky to have known.I followed the story over the next week, hoping he would be found by the hundreds of searchers out looking for him.Ten days after he ventured into the snow to take an afternoon walk, the search was changed from an active one to a passive one; from one of rescue to one of recovery. (more…)

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