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For some reason, my daughter always has  me take Anderson for his haircuts, except the very first time when we both took him. The last couple of times I am convinced it was because she wanted me to pay. Today she had me take both boys. I hadn’t agreed to it, in fact, I didn’t even know until I went to get Spencer to go to the Dollar Tree. She had both boys ready and had told them they were going for haircuts. So off we went. 

Spencer was not behaving, you know that kid that can’t sit still and is running all over and ends up knocking down all the shampoos they sell, yeah that was him. I should have just said let’s go home but we stayed and they called both boys at the same time so I told one lady what we wanted for Anderson and showed her a picture. Then I say with 4 year old Spencer as they cut his hair. Spencer got a cool haircut and Anderson’s is nice too but it’s short. Short. As in too short. Not sure he likes it. His mom hasn’t seen it because he refused to go home so he’s here with me. He went straight to bed when we got home and it was really early, like four. 

Of course, it will be all my fault. So I will have paid thirty dollars for haircuts that they don’t like and I didn’t offer to pay for. I think next time, she needs to take them and pay or not say a word about it. 

Now if she would pay me back, I could get my hair cut because it has been two years. I won’t hold my breath.  

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Tina is my oldest daughter.  Today is her birthday.  She’s 27.

It’s hard to believe that it has been that long since I held her in my arms, completely in awe of her tiny-ness.  And even more in awe of the fact that I had a daughter!  A “psychic” had told her father that I was carrying a boy.  I didn’t have a strong feeling one way or another as I had with my son, so when the doctor said, “It’s a girl!” I was glad I was in bed or I would have passed out!

She was a beautiful little baby.  Her skin was plump and not wrinkly.  She had a beautiful color.  In fact, she looked more like a C-section baby, not one that had pushed her way out!

The doctor held up the placenta so I could see it…he wanted me to see that she had a heart-shaped placenta.  He said she was going to be a sweetheart.  And she is.  IF she wants to be, that is.

I also remember that her shoulders were very broad when she was born.  Her brother, born three years before, had not had those broad shoulders.  She was very long.  She measured 23 inches and weighed 7 lbs., 7 oz.  She was also 20 days post-mature and I lost weight during the last two weeks so it’s very likely that she would have been another pound heavier had she been born earlier.

She was due on the 21st of December!  I remember being on baby watch since before Christmas and all through Christmas.  For a while we thought she would be born on Christmas, which is my birthday, but even then she had a mind of her own!

There is so much I can say about Tina but I think I’ll just go on and sit with my coffee and think about my girl.

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