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This just happened this evening and I posted it on Facebook but then I decided it’s too sweet to not share here, too!

For about the last 7 months, Spencer had stuck himself to me like Super Glue and Anderson has become a stay at home boy. I’ve missed doing things with him, just the two of us. Tonight I was supposed to take them both to the play land at McDonald’s. Spencer fell asleep and we were going to wait for him to wake up but Anderson asked if I could take just him. I checked with Tina and she said go ahead and she and Spencer would do something when he woke up. So we were in the car and had this conversation…

Anderson : This feels so weird.
Me: What feels weird?
Anderson : Me and you going someplace together without Spencer.
Me: Is that good or bad?
Anderson : Well it’s good because I never get to go with you alone but I love my brother and I kinda miss him.


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