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I’m reading a novel written by a friend.  I’ve put it off for some months.  I read a lot so I could have gotten to this a lot sooner as it was published some five or more months ago and I have had many opportunities to pick this one up when I have finished another but I haven’t.

The thing is that once I read it, I know I will be asked what I thought of it.  I write reviews of the books I read and post here on this blog and on a couple of other sites.  Just for fun.  I don’t profit from the reviews.  I just write them for friends in reading networks.  My reviews are honest.  I can’t write them any other way.  So if I don’t like the book, or parts of it, what should I do?  I can write that honest review and risk hurting a friend (and probably getting a lot of our common friends upset at me for hurting that one friend) or I can lie.  I don’t want to do either.

An honest review is not necessarily a bad review but it could very well mention things like inconsistencies in the story, poor grammar, things that weren’t made clear in the story, etc., etc.  However, I know that a lot of writers are very touchy when it comes to reviews of their writing…and I understand that touchiness, too.  As writers we work on our stories and novels and their characters for weeks and months, sometimes even for years.  We worry about our writing all the time, losing sleep over it and stressing endlessly.  So it makes sense that we would be touchy about our creations.  They’re our babies.  What parent would not be touchy or sensitive to criticism of their child?

I suppose I could institute a policy of not reviewing friends’ books.  That would be the easiest.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do.  I’m actually crossing my fingers that I will be so wowed by this novel that I will want to write a truly positive review and spread it all over the internet, however, that’s not looking very likely.

Hhm.  Hhm.  I don’t know.  I’ll see what happens when I finish it and see what kind of review I am compelled to write.

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