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Surely there are laws to protect children from abuse and neglect. Surely there are laws to protect against domestic violence. Why do the numbers of abuse victims continue to rise? Why don’t the laws deter abuse?

Well, think about it. In the United States, the legal justice system assumes that all accused are innocent until proven guilty. Who is going to prove them guilty? How will they be proven guilty? The accusers have the burden of proof of guilt. And they will prove the guilt by telling their story over and over and over again, many times to those who don’t believe them. So the same people that have been victimized once will have to tell their story until they are either believed or not. They will be questioned over and over again. They will be made to feel as if they are the guilty ones. They will be victimized once again, this time by the legal system; all to protect the legal rights of the abusers. Even the very young will have to be questioned. And when the case goes to court, the victims will have to testify in front of the same person that victimized them in order protect the accused constitutional right to face their accuser. The victim will have to face the person that hurt them; that betrayed them; that committed horrible crimes against them. There is something wrong with that.

Yes. There are laws against child abuse and child neglect. There are laws against domestic violence. But there are also laws to protect their abusers and in our legal system, the rights of the accused seem to trump the rights of the victim.

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