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My Nanowrimo novel writing was interrupted yesterday.  I am at 41,103 words and have to finish by Sunday.  I wanted to finish by Tuesday night.  It was a goal I had set for myself.  However, on Sunday morning my daughter called and said she wanted to come visit me.  I was very pleased that she was coming.  I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry and getting the guest room and guest bathroom ready for her.  She will be here through Tuesday evening.

Today we went all over town.  We left early because she wanted to go out for coffee.  I thought we were coming back here after that.  We didn’t.  We went from coffee to breakfast to antique stores, Powell’s Books, and walking around taking pictures.  She had made an appointment at the Admissions Office at a college she is interested in so we went across town to the 3 pm appointment.  While she was in with the lady in Admissions, I sat and waited for her in the cafe.  I had left without anything to write on because we were coming right back.  So as I sat, I looked for ad pages with a lot of white space in a local weekly free magazine.  When I found the pages, I pulled them out and used them to pick up writing on my Nanowrimo novel.  I haven’t typed it up yet but I think I probably wrote about six or seven hundred words.  With luck, I can type it up later tonight, (we’re going out to dinner shortly) and add a bit to it.  I’d be happy if I could get to 42,000 words by the time I turned out the light tonight.

Oh well, I have til Sunday.  I don’t have my daughter here all the time.  I think when I put her on the plane tomorrow, I will wish she was staying a lot longer.

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