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Have you ever begin so cold that you could not warm up, regardless how many blankets you bunched around yourself and regardless how many cups of hot tea or hot soup you consumed?  That was me today.  It wasn’t that cold. I think we got to 52 degrees, ands yet I was shivering.

Then came the fatigue.  I fell asleep and couldn’t wake up.  I slept for six hours and still I am sleepy and exhausted.

But one good thing happened today. There is a View Point from the freeway near my exit that, every time I go by it, I say I am going to stop to take a picture of Mt. Hood but then I never stop. Today, before picking my grandson up to drive him to pre school, I grabbed the camera so I could take a few pictures as the sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful clear blue. When I dropped him off I had no idea where I would go take pictures then I realized that today was my chance to take the picture from the view point.


Mt. Hood in the background, Williamette Falls in forefront.

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Today is day 5 of being in bed with a very bad, horrible, rotten cold.  I’m diabetic so when I get sick, it takes me a long time to shake it…even a simple cold.  It has been more than a week of being sick but I was up and about the first part of the cold.  I live alone.  My daughter has stopped by to bring me soup and a few other things I’ve asked for.  She stops by once a day or so.  I’m lucky she is nearby and can do that for me.

One day last week, when I sensed that I was going to be sicker that night and the next day, I asked her to get me a bottle of cough medicine…a BIG bottle.  She did.  It has one of those safety caps on it.  An adult should be able to open it, right?  Well, it is so difficult to open that I’ve only been able to take it four times.  Last night, as my cold went into the hacking cough stage, I tried and tried and tried to get it open.  Nope.  I know I’m supposed to turn it as I push down on it and that’s what I’m doing but I can’t get it!

So instead of getting the much needed sleep so I can resume my “Nana duties” of driving my grandson to pre school and back today, I coughed all night long.  I also fought with the safety cap all night long.  I tried everything.  Pliers.  Teeth.  Nothing worked.  It was too late to call my daughter to come get the bottle open for me.  So I coughed all night long.  And I didn’t sleep.  This morning I am very sore from coughing.  My ribs feel bruised from coughing.  And I don’t think I’ll be able to drive the Little Guy to school today.

I don’t know.  If I can’t get it open soon, I might have to take a hammer to the cough syrup.  I hope we remain safe…both the cough syrup bottle and myself.  In the meantime, I am going to find another bottle or another cap for the bottle so WHEN I get the bottle open, I can remedy the situation for the next time I need a dose of cough medicine.

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